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Sunday, September 25

Stalker Trailer Trash Hunt

Stalker Trailer Trash Hunt
We are getting down to the wire on time this month - so we have a couple quick hunts for you that can be finished before the 30th if you give them a shot. First up is the Stalker Trailer Trash Hunt. Simply - do this hunt! As always, the coordinators have put together a great selection of mature/adult themed stores with their own pervy little twist on trailer life. As we were unpacking and photographing, I was cracking up to see what their minds came up with. The gifts are amusing, irreverent and a whole lot of fun to play with. You are searching for a little white trailer and there are 40 stores on the hunt path, so gather up some of your buddies, grab a couple beers, and have yourself a great time getting Trashed! =)

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!

~Shadowed and Thanos

September 15 - September 30



Search for item: sculpted trailer
Number of stores:

Problems at the time I went through:
None - hunt path runs smoothly from store to store.

13. Cherry Bomb
1. Wildz Creations & Pimp Daddy Trivia
5. Lash-Ware

22. rhetoric (M-jeans not included)
37. New York's Finest Apparel
25. Shadow Moon

28. Femme Fatale & Slave Driven Designs (jeans not included)
19. DivaLicious
12. [ii]RRegular iNventory (top not included)
33. Clarity Creations
9. Condemned Designs

14. CUDOLA (shape included)
20. Holly's Shoppe
16. Kennedy's
2. Simply (shape included)

23. [[721]]
29. PETRICHOR (skin and tattoo)
38. Razorblade Jacket Mainstore

11. Latreia
17. Soul Distraction
31. Les Sucreries de Fairy

40. iNkSaNiTy
3. Z&A Productions
32. Wicked Beauty Light Shows

27. ScatterBrain Customs
6. (IN)Discretions
30. Lemons & Cream
36. Bound & Bitten

7. Ms. B. Designs
35. DeadFall Designs and Photography
34. Splinter'd (Roawenwood Adult)
28. Femme Fatale * Slave Driven Designs
8. Shadow Dreams

4. FlufferNutterz
24. Nethic
26. X-Clusive Animations
39. Black Cat Bones

10. PRIME Furniture
25. Shadow Moon

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