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Thursday, October 13

No Strings Attached 3

No Strings Attached 3
No Strings Attached is back for their third go round, with the NSA3 kicking off this month. This is their biggest hunt yet, with over 60 stores taking part in this doll-themed hunt. There is an in-world group, as well as an official blog with hints. If you want the hunt SLurls, they are available in a NC in the group notices.

For the most part, this hunt went nice and smooth. There are a few naming issues with folders, but navigating from store to store is easy, there were no skips that I had noted in my hunt notes, and there were no major stumbling blocks at any point in the hunt. The hunt item is shrunken very tiny in a few places, but with some careful camming, you should do just fine. The hunt coordinators and designers worked their butts off on this hunt, and it shows, both in the smoothness of the hunt, and the quality of the gifts. This is definitely not one to miss if you enjoy doll-themed items.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!

~Shadowed and Thanos

October 1 - October 31



Search for item: Doll display case with a ghost inside
Number of stores:

Problems at the time I went through:
None, use group notecard for info re: moved stores, etc.

48. Lethe (combination of 6 gifts at this location, 3 per gender)
33. Cracked (skin included)
39. Vels Gothic Boutique
56. Razorblade (jeans not included)

23. Weird Designs
52. A Netherworld
44. Brain Circuit Inc.

10. Rag Dollz
15. Jenna's Whimsey
54. GPD Saur's Darkest Dreams
5. Likka*House

8. PiNkMaReS HoUse
1. The Dolly Box Club and Mall (skin and shape included)
24. The Doll Emporium
7. Blue Blood

29. Whims & Wishes
9. The Delectable Doll
22. Ambrosia
28. Indigo Oddities

51. Montagne Noire Clothiers
27. The Secret Shelf
61. Grumble (shirt not included)
26. Venomous Rage Designs (tattoo)

47. Tigerlily (skins)
60. Eat Paste (skin)
12. Mango, Mango! (skin)

16. Inner Doll Main Store (skin, prim eyes)
57. Pink Sugah Shapes (shape)
17. Squeek! (skin and shape)
30. DivaLicious (skin)

11. Bad Juju
6. Grim Bros.
18. Orange Marmalade
21. V Tattoo Store

50. Hysteria
3. Spiked Devil
42. Sweet Leonard Mainstore
4. Gothic Desires
53. eX ezura Xue
6. Grim Bros.
38.The Mad Hattery

45. VC Designs (hat and gloves)
31. When Ra!nbows Attack!
41. Needful Things
37. Dear Alice
13. Sakura's Originals
58. Bad Kitten Stables
46. Dead Bunny (male sized lunchbox included)

59. PNP
2. Filthy Things
32. Ms. B. Designs
4. Gothic Desires
55. Dekute Dekore

19. Malfean Visions
4. Gothic Desires
35. Noctis Main Shop
34. Damage Inc.

49. Dreamscapes Art Gallery
60. Eat Paste
25. The Elegant Goth
14. NuTech Inc.

43. Distorted Dreams

4. Gothic Desires

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