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Wednesday, September 28

Steam: The Hunt 5, pt. 4

Steam 5
And, squeaking under the wire - the final batch of gift pictures from Steam 5. If you are still working on this hunt, may we suggest you RUN? Time is almost up to find the goodies while you explore the various stores and sims taking part in this hunt. Best of luck to those still working it, and we hope you all enjoyed Steam 5.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!

~Shadowed and Thanos

September 1 - September 30

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Search for item: Rusty gear
Number of stores:
194 (151-End here)

Problems at the time I went through:
All information about skipped or delayed stores is available from the group notecard.

163. DBN
155. Sirius Animated Textures (M-pants not included)
159. NachtMusik

154. ezura
175. The Secret Shelf
185. The Dolly Box (full av)
191. Steam Whimsy (full av)

157. ANYU Store
178. COGOO
162. Velvel's Shanghai Bazaar
164. Zeitmesser Inc.
176. Bandersnatch

189. Froobert's Furthest West
188. Samm's Labyrinth
186. St. Helens Dry Goods
183. Demonkitties
165. Cybernetics Group

169. Timeless Curiosities
182. JK's Phantasmagoria (Thanos not included)
166. Joyous Living Flagship Store
187. W.K.I Store
173. PRIME Furniture

186. St. Helens Dry Goods
170. Kabuki Creations
184. Furniture Passion
177. Llyr's Fish & Mer Market

156. Haventownship
151. Frosted Myst Literature
155. Sirius Animated Textures
167. Sculptify (sculpt map and textures for steamstack)
158. USC Texture Tomb

160. Artifacium Trading Post
181. bees heaven shop
179. GUHL Architecture Design
161. Moonbeams
171. The Eat Me Bakery

175. The Secret Shelf
180. heap!
190. The Age of Refuge
192. XM Designs

172. Myrddin's Emporium
138. Dufliky Designs

168. Crazy Amazons

193. Amulet

195. HyborianSteam Platform (red Captain's chair is from store 194, Raven's Heart - somehow it snuck over into this picture!)

195. HyborianSteam Platform


  1. thank you for taking the time to bring us the Steam the Hunt.. especially in this busy month of hunting.. and i love the braids you are wearing in 154!!

  2. thank you! they are from EMO-tions, and i love them too. =)

  3. thank you for blogging this hunt shadowed and thanos! Excellent work and so useful - you are stars! (Moz)

  4. thank you very much. i really apprechiate your work :)
    it has helped me very much^^

    Greetings Lenore