Hi there and welcome to Freebie Hunters! One of our favorite pastimes in Second Life is scouting the grid for fantastic hunts, sales, events and gifts from all the wonderful creators. We thought we'd share the wealth and showcase some of our finds in this blog, with an emphasis on the goodies available in various SL events and hunts. We do our best to show ALL items from a hunt/event and in the manner the creator intended, but this is not always possible.

***UPDATE August, 2018- We are still finding freebie/nearly free items to share with you, but due to RL time constraints, a lot of what we find is being posted solely on Flickr. If you would like to follow the events being posted there, here is a link to the album page for our account: Flickr Albums. These are not blog posts, but simply pictures of the gifts available. Thank you!

Thank You to all of the creators!

Saturday, March 23

Spring has Sprung @ The Wash!

We've turned the corner and officially moved from the dregs of winter into the first flush days of spring, and what better way to celebrate the changing of the seasons than with the "Spring has Sprung!" Cart Sale event going on at the Wash?

In honor of the new season and all the lovely changes it brings to our world, the Cart Sale has revamped its event as well. After 10 years of everything for 10L, we’ve upped the stakes, with a new pricing range from 10 to 25L plus a special 50L item for every round. This small change will allow the designers to bring even greater things to the event, resulting in a more exciting shopping experience for you lovely shopaholics.

This round is dedicated to Spring and all its glory, so expect to find lots of bright colors, fresh ideas and some really amazing home decor items. The Spring has Sprung edition of Cart Sale is running from March 20th to April 10th, so you have about 3 weeks to get down there and check it out. Hope to see you there!

Spring Has Sprung Cart Sale Info
Dates: March 20th to April 10th
Where: The Wash 

Happy shopping! 

aaricsdesign1 Kiosk Location: Aaric's Design

 artic1 artic2 artic3 Kiosk Location: Artic Storm

 DKD1 DKD2 DKD3 Kiosk Location: Dark Knight Decor

 ECDesigns1 ECDesigns2 Kiosk Location: EC Designs

 baci1 baci2 baci3 Kiosk Location: Baci Shop

 Ciaras1 Ciaras2 Ciaras3 Kiosk Location: Ciara's

 lpoca1 lpoca2 lpoca3 Kiosk Location: LpOca

 mishmash1 mishmash2 mishmash3 Kiosk Location: Mishmash Fusion

 dreamfactory1 dreamfactory2 dreamfactory3 Kiosk Location: Dream Factory

 KKhomes1 KKhomes2 KKhomes3 Kiosk Location: KK Homes

 ML Fashion1 ML Fashion2 ML Fashion3 Kiosk Location: ML Fashion

 sweet willows1 sweet willows2 sweet willows3 Kiosk Location: Sweet Willows

 articmen1 articmen2 articmen3 articmen4 Kiosk Location: Artic Storm Men

 DWD1 DWD2 DWD3 Kiosk Location: Dark Water Designs

 storaxtree1 storaxtree2 storaxtree3 Kiosk Location: Storax Tree

kuid1 kuid2 kuid3 kuid4 Kiosk Location: Kuid

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