Hi there and welcome to Freebie Hunters! One of our favorite pastimes in Second Life is scouting the grid for fantastic hunts, sales, events and gifts from all the wonderful creators. We thought we'd share the wealth and showcase some of our finds in this blog, with an emphasis on the goodies available in various SL events and hunts. We do our best to show ALL items from a hunt/event and in the manner the creator intended, but this is not always possible.

***UPDATE August, 2018- We are still finding freebie/nearly free items to share with you, but due to RL time constraints, a lot of what we find is being posted solely on Flickr. If you would like to follow the events being posted there, here is a link to the album page for our account: Flickr Albums. These are not blog posts, but simply pictures of the gifts available. Thank you!

Thank You to all of the creators!

Tuesday, November 10

November Cart Sale is Open!

WOOHOO! The November round of The Wash's Cart sale is in full bloom right now! We have a fantastic collection of about 50 stores participating this time and the streets are overflowing with all kinds of deals ripe for the taking. Everything in the event is available for the super low price of 50L and under until November 25th, at which time they all go poof! We've got a look at some of the great items you can find right now at the event and will be bringing another look over the next few days.

The event runs from November 4th until November 25th, so there is a lot of time to get down and check out all the goodness on The Wash sim right now. Be sure to take a peek at the home team stores and the Treasure Trove Gacha Yardsale areas while you're there, you never know what you might find.

 Hope to see you all there!

November Round Cart Sale Info
Participating Merchants: SLurls can be found here 
Dates: November 4th to 25th
Where: The Wash

Happy shopping!

Poeme - Autumn Showers 

Shadow: Maitreya body, GL Lena head, GL Mieko skin, Doux Damiana hair

Wearing: Poeme - Autumn Fawn Plaid Coatdress & Autumn Walnut Suede Thigh Boots (Cart Sale items)

Scene: Focus Poses - Fall Road Backdrop

Tarte - Falling Leaves

Focus Poses - Under My Umbrella prop & pose

Poeme1 Poeme2 


 Brandy's Boutique - Puppy Love

Shadow: Maitreya body, GL Lena head, GL Mieko skin, Doux Damiana hair

Wearing: Brandy's Boutique - Can't Be Beat (Cart Sale item)

Scene: C - Backdrop Beautiful Village

DKD - Potted Hibiscus (red)

[Black Bantam] Lay in Your Arms Pup

[Black Bantam] Puggy Pup Confused

[Rezz Room] Bulldog Puppy Bark

[Rezz Room] English Bulldog Adult Sit

Brandy1 Brandy2 

Brandy's Boutique 

 Battle Fairy - Piggy Party & You're Invited! 

Shadow: Maitreya body, GL Lena head, GL Mieko skin, Doux Katy hair 

Wearing: Battle Fairy - Hilary Dress, Piggy (Cart Sale item)

Blueberry - Cupcake Boots

YOKAI - Fauna Balloons, piggy pink

Vanilla Bae - Fiona Tiara

Scene: Tarte - . Rustic Hideaway Set: Antique Accent Chair, Geometric Pendant Lights, Old Door Backdrop

Dahlia - Hanna - Strawberry Birthday Cake

Erratic - Home Drinks champagne bucket & champagne glass

Hive - Pastel Floor Balloons

Moss&Mink - All that Glitters Gift Pile, pastel

BattleFairy1 BattleFairy2 BattleFairy3 

Battle Fairy

 Artic Storm - Cocoa is Life 

Shadow:: Maitreya body, GL Lena head, GL Mieko skin, Monso Jullie hair

Wearing: Artic Storm - Darlene set, rose (Cart Sale item)

Scene: Minimal - Vibe backdrop rare

Andika - Le Premier Bonheur du Jour cocoa

ArticStorm1 ArticStorm2 ArticStorm3 

Artic Storm

 House of Moose - 

Weekend Getaway 

Scene: House of Moose - "Ajax" Sconces, "Hope" Wall Art, "Millie" Armchair (fabric) & "Reflection" Console Table (Cart Sale items)

Bazar - Toronto Set Coffee table, Living room books & Throw pillows basket

[FOURTH WALL] Comet Fireplace - Floor (Light Steel)

malone. jade rug (texture change)

Fancy Decor - Glasses

BLACK NEST - Kapina Bar Bottles

LH - Traditional - Potted plant C 

{moss&mink} Plant - Sack Palm

~Beautiful Mess Designs~ Window Blind (color modded)

Trompe Loeil - Palmer Lodge

HouseofMoose1 HouseofMoose2 

House of Moose

 Sweet Serenity Designs - 


Shadow: Maitreya body, GL Lena head, GL Mieko skin, Truth Farryn hair

Wearing: Sweet Serenity Designs - Pinnie Dress, red leather & Ansia Heels, black (Cart Sale items)

EarthStones - Ferris Set, June

Scene: Focus Poses - Soho Night Backdrop

O.M.E.N - Beachside Picnic - Steller Beer Bottle

SweetSerenity1 SweetSerenity2 SweetSerenity3 

Sweet Serenity Designs

 Lpoca - In The Gloaming 

Scene: LpOca - Faucet Planter, Patio Set, Table w Flower #2 & Hanging Plant (Cart Sale items)

Keke - Old Garden Greenhouse

Concept - La Villa Planters A&B

Dust Bunny - Tiered Hanging Baskets

Vespertine - Hanging Succulents, Sedum Burrito & String of Pearls

Anna Erotica - ONE PRIM Indoor Plant 2

LpOca1 LpOca2 LpOca3 


 Daydream's Creations - Red Carpet Glam 

Shadow: Maitreya body, GL Lena head, GL Mieko skin, Truth Lady hair

Wearing: Daydream's Creations - Maria Ballgown, lilac (Cart Sale item)

Earthstones - Marquessa set, diamond

.tsg. - Tiaras - Regal Diamond

aii - Luxurious Fur Stole

Ariskea - Annais Flowers Bouquet, rosy & violet

Scene: Keke - Bokeh Glitter, big

Floorplan - Velvet Rope

Daydream1 Daydream2 

Daydream's Creations

  Leave Your Mark 

Tattoos - Family 

Shadow: Maitreya body, GL Lena head, GL Mieko skin, Silvery K Tubaki-Hime #15 hair 

Wearing: Leave Your Mark Tattoo- Family Values (Cart Sale item)

HiLu - Seiza pose/White Kimono

Scene: The Bearded Guy - Red Core, Asian Walls backdrop

Dynasty - Sacred Shrine gacha items & Mirthful Dining gacha Candlesticks CF - Wall Scroll, Autumn

LeaveYourMark2 LeaveYourMark1 

Leave Your Mark Tattoo

  Cwtch - Every Little Thing 

Is Gonna Be Okay 

Scene: Cwtch - It's Okay Prints Set (Cart Sale items)

PPK - Bookcase YN - Wall light, Plueu 22769 - Wooden Coffee Table

BC - Khaga Fish Patina Statue Column

Black Sand - Honey Sofa, black edition

Spargel & Shine Homes - Coffee Table Books x 3 Willy Nilly

Paper Crowns - Catplants, cactus & herbs

Moss&Mink - Tealight Globes, Sack Palm

Vespertine - Monkey Mask Vine Monstera

Malone - Jade Rug

Focus Poses - Christmas Loft Backdrop/Empty

Cwtch2 Cwtch1


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