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Monday, February 20

Folklore Hunt

Folklore Hunt
As our readers know, we are not huge fans of pay hunts, but we really liked the theme for this one, so for 1L per item we decided to give it a shot. Another selling point for us was that there were quite a few stores we had not visited before and we find it hard to pass up a chance to explore new places.

The hunt has an official blog which provides Slurls and hints. I am unsure about an in-world group, but we were able to get through the hunt with no problem just by using the LMs in the gifts and the blog (I believe there is one dropped store, which is clearly marked). You are looking for a blueish green sculpted genie's lamp and at 58 stores, the hunt can easily be done in an evening or two.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!

~Shadowed & Thanos

February 13 - March 13



Search for item: Genie Lamp
Number of stores:

Problems at the time we went through:
All information about skipped or delayed stores is available from the official blog.

23. Lyrieals
41. NUTS Inc.
26. Rozamyndi's

40. VIPs Corner (skin,shape, clothing, hair included; we were unable to get the clothing layers to rez properly)
49. Lettie's Design
29. .::Karmas Kreations::.

2. jen Fashion @ Xaara
18. Wild Serenity
8. Asteria's Creations
3. Siryelle's Dreams

24. Taliesins Tails & Raven Wear
32. [Revenant]
30. Artic STorm

31. Circus Noir
4. Shey Fashion
9. Charisma's Designs
50. [ANATOMY] (shape)

22. Sweet Antidote
10. HollyWeird
51. ::Fe::
57. ~Vail Mini Mall~
15. TRIDENT Jewelry
46. Chaos, Panic & Disorder!
16. .:CUDA:.

47. Raven's Heart/Lucid Dreams
6. ~*By Snow*~ (wings, eyes, facial tat)
56. Designs by Sebastian
39. Nadeau Shoppe

7. Pyewicket's Myths
17. Eurdicia's Creations
11. Incendia OutDoors
33. Gor-Jus Animations

12. Gypsy Gadgets
37. Echoes of the Past
53. ~Yge's Old Things~

25. Ms. B. Designs
42. enLightened
35. heartwood
55. Amulet

19. Clever Endeavors
28. Imagine Flowers and Garden
38. Bound & Bitten
27. Eversong Wedding Boutique
48. Tienda de Textura

1. Dakota Touch
45. RO!ACT Designs
36. bees heaven shop
43. USC Texture Tomb
20. Carriage Trade

52. Nana Saenz
58. Peeps Fashion
44. United InshCon

54. Rowena Paine's Junque Shop

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