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Friday, February 24

Creators Collection Box, 2nd Anniversary

event poster

CCB is one of my favorite recurring events in Second Life. The coordinators always curate a collection of amazing designers to participate and the quality of the items they offer is always outstanding. Right now, they are celebrating their 2nd Anniversary, which means that this round is filled with lots of goodies - some normal sale items, some items marked down significantly, and some free gifts for their loyal fans. We have a peek at the free gifts to share with you, but the event is definitely worth splurging lindens on if something catches your eye.

I said it last year, and I will say it again this year: Congratulations to CCB on their anniversary; here's hoping you celebrate many more.

Event Info
Official Blog: Creators Collection Box
Dates of Event: February 18th - March 18th
Slurl to Event: Monkey Banana Sim


CCB2-1 CCB2-2 CCB2-3 CCB2-4 CCB2-5 CCB2-6 CCB2-7 CCB2-8 CCB2-9 CCB2-10

Wednesday, February 22

Hipster Fair


The Hipster Fair is going on right now in Second Life and this is the place to be if you are looking for a little something new to spice up your Second Life. There are around 50 stores taking part and aside from all the gorgeous things they have for sale, there are also gifts in most of the shops (ranging in price from free to 10L) as well as gachas throughout the event area and special group-only gifts at the landing point. I will admit to doing a little personal shopping while I was there, but I also picked up a bunch of the event gifts to share with you. The event ends on March 3rd, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to explore all the wonderful offerings the Hipster Fair has available.

Hipster Fair
Dates: February 17 - March 3
Location: The Hipster Fair

Happy shopping!


hipster1 hipster2 hipster3 hipster4 hipster5 hipster6 hipster7 hipster8 hipster9 hipster10 hipster11 hipster12 hipster13 hipster14 hipster15 hipster16 hipster17