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An important reminder - All deals posted are subject to the whims of the item creators, and are often offered for a limited time (from hours to months). We do not guarantee the items are still available, and the creators are under no obligation to give anything.

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Friday, November 11

The Final MenStuff Hunt


The MenStuff Hunt has been a long-standing, male oriented event in SL for the past several years now. Unfortunately, this round of the hunt will be their last.  The MenStuff group will remain open and active and a part of the 'Stuff group activities, however, so take heart, guys - you are not being shut out in the cold! This goodbye hunt runs until the end of November and includes stops in about 70 stores. You are hunting for the usual tiny blue t-shirt icon the MenStuff group is known for and all prizes are either free or 1L. Their official site has a listing of all participating stores, links to their locations and hints (as well as information on whatever speedbumps there are in the hunt path). The nice thing about a listing like that is that it gives you the freedom to skip along the hunt stops in whatever order you so desire.

One thing I did a bit different for this post was trying to list out the various mesh bodies all the clothing items work for - almost everyone has an option for standard avatars, but a few had extra sizes specifically for certain bodies. Hope this helps you sort it out.

I am sad to see the MenStuff hunts coming to an end - guys are shortchanged in general in Second Life when it comes to most hunts or sales events and it was nice knowing there were specific events for them. I am sure the MenStuff group itself will be going strong for quite a while and perhaps at some point they will begin their hunts again.

Official Blog for LMs/Hints: Here



Thursday, October 13

The Seasons Story, Fall'16


The Seasons Story is an quarterly shopping event in Second Life, celebrating each of the seasons with a tons of gorgeous home decor, clothing and holiday items to help make your SL a little more beautiful. This month is their Fall Event. I was lucky enough to get into the event last night and spent some time poking around and soaking up all the fall colors and themes. Most of the designers have a gift out (either free or for 30L, which is a steal) - just look for the gift boxes at each shop's display.

This event is always super busy, so be prepared to have to try more than one time to teleport into the sim (thank you to Zane for helping me get in last night!) and please, please be kind to yourself and the other event shoppers and leave your laggy items at home.

Event Location: Here


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