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***UPDATE August, 2018- We are still finding freebie/nearly free items to share with you, but due to RL time constraints, a lot of what we find is being posted solely on Flickr. If you would like to follow the events being posted there, here is a link to the album page for our account: Flickr Albums. These are not blog posts, but simply pictures of the gifts available. Thank you!

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Monday, November 23

Last Few Days of November '20 Cart Sale


This month is flying by! We're nearing the end of the November round of Cart sale, so I have one more giant peek at some of the things you can find right now. There are around 50 stores taking part in this round, with items running the gamit from kidwear to holiday decor and everything in between. All event items are 10-50L, so you can indulge all you want without breaking the bank.
The event ends November 25th, so if you've been putting it off, its now or never time to get your share of these deals.

 Hope to see you all there!

November Round Cart Sale Info
Participating Merchants: SLurls can be found here 
Dates: November 4th to 25th
Where: The Wash

Happy shopping!
Shadow: Maitreya body, GL Lena head, GL Mieko skin, Shi Eirene hair
Wearing: InnerJoy Love Tattoos - Bitten (Cart Sale item)
Gabriel - WA Salel/Body Belt, Chest Strap
Real Evil Industries - Beast Rings
Gabriel - Leather Rolled Bracelet, Cross Nose Chain
Props: Gabriel - Ryujin Dragon, black 
InnerJoy1 InnerJoy2 InnerJoy3
Lindy Modern Retro Shoes - Heaven Is... 
Shadow:: Maitreya body, GL Lena head, GL Mieko skin, Truth Bloom hair
Wearing: Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes - Hetvi, nude (Cart Sale item)
COCO - CableKnitMohairSweater(SilverWhite)
Scene: Since1975 - Closet Gacha, parts 1, 3 & 6
Lagom - The Mannequin Collection, 3 & 8
Sensation Poses Boudoir Lounge prop (modded)
The Rug Shop - Furr Patch rug
Lindy1 Lindy2 Lindy3
Emerald's Little Gems - Choices 
Shadow: Tweenster Body, Genus Baby Face head, personal shape, Barberyumyum T02 hair
Wearing: Emerald's Little Gems - Jany outfit in hot pink (Cart Sale item)
Scene: The Atlier Couture Pavilion- RARE
.dg. Mesh Awning
[DDD] Spring Poppies
DKD - French Pastry Wall Art
ionic : Cake display
[IK] The Bakery - Choco Biscuits, Choco Cupcakes & Rolls
maredinverno.tobias - Garden chair & table (color modded
Vicarious Youth  - Ice Cream Run
Shadow: Maitreya body, GL Lena head, GL Mieko skin, Truth Montana/No Hat hair
Wearing: Vicarious Youth - Alexis Dress (Cart Sale item)
Pure Poison - Emma Boots
Kid: Tweenster Body, Genus Baby Face head, Barberyumyum P10 hair
Wearing: Vicarious Youth - Alexis Top & Skirt (Cart Sale item)
Vicarious Youth - Tintable Ballet Flats
Toddler: ToddleeDoo Kid Body, Laq Ivy head & skin, VCO Ruda hair
Wearing: Vicarious Youth - Nadia set (Cart Sale item)
Scene: K&S - Ice cream shop backdrop 
VicariousYouth1 VicariousYouth2 VicariousYouth3
Dark Water Designs - Camellias & Magnolias 
Shadow: Maitreya body, GL Lena head, GL Mieko skin, Truth Farryn hair
Wearing: Dark Water Designs - Ao Dai, pink/gold (Cart Sale item)
Coco - Slide Sandals(Beige)
LODE - Hand Accessory, Southern Magnolia
Scene: Anc - CAMELLIA gacha: waning moon chair, lanterns, camellia branches
DarkWater1 DarkWater2
Artistic Rage - Tropical Holiday Dreams 
Shadow: Maitreya body. GL Lena head, GL Mieko skin, Magika Sparkle hair
Wearing: Artistic Rage - Snowflake Sleeveless Dress Cart Sale item)
Coco - Slide Sandals, beige
MadPea - Plumeria Lei
Scene: Headhunter's Island - Tiki snowman
Velvet Whip - Winter Holidays Cocktails II
ArtisticRage1 ArtisticRage2 ArtisticRage3
Luminesse - Pensive Thoughts 
Shadow: Maitreya body, GL Lena head, GL Mieko skin, Doux Katy hair
Wearing: Luminesse -Rahalla Ravani & Kirce Rings, Fantissa Kyosti Ring & Lalizza Zaklina Necklace (Cart Sale items)
ISON - Cloud Sleeve Dress
Scene: Thor - Shutters Cabinet (color modded) & Sweet Espresso
Apple Fall - Roses Jug & Fall Open Book
West Village - Charleston Curtains
luminesse4 luminesse3 luminesse2 luminesse1
Dark Intentions - Cozy Night In 
Shadow: Maitreya body, GL Lena head, GL Mieko skin, Doux Esther hair
Wearing: Dark Intentions - Molly Long Dress, Mottled (Cart Sale item)
Scene: Black Sand - Honey Sofa
Jian - Scruffy Shepherds, sleepy adult
Dahlia - Accent Pillow, green (group gift)
Con. - Record Player shelf, golden
Bazar - Toronto coffee table
Ariskea - Piper Boho Macrame wall hanging, neutral
8f8 - Trea Time - Linzer Eyes
Amitie - Magazine, closed
Savoha Creations - Power Behind the Throne 
Shadow: Shadow: Maitreya body, GL Lena head, GL Mieko skin, Truth Lady hair
Wearing: Savoha Creations - Royal Antique Velvet Gown (Cart Sale item)
Amaze - Scales Collar
Earthstones - Marquessa earrings Secrets - Royal's Crown, Silver
Scene: [KI] Iron Throne
Nuit Store - Curtain Drapes Tenda Red 
savoha4 savoha3 savoha1
Famous - Reading Nook 
Scene: Famous - Rocking Chair, Wall Candleholder & Table and Complements (Cart Sale items)
Malone - Jade Rug
MINIMAL - Memories Book Backdrop
Famous1 Famous2 Famous3
The Dark Fae - Candy Thieves 
Scene: The Dark Fae - Elemental Goblins Fire & Air statues, KooKoo Bird Statue (Cart Sale items)
Kalopsia - Kootsie Set - Candy Bowl (Pumpkin)
Linden Labs - Halloween 2019 - Cauldron of Halloween Candy - v2.0
LOVE - Scattered Christmas Candy Corn - Peppermint & Twists
The Bearded Guy - Terrifying Sensations gacha, Abandonados backdrop
TheDarkFae1 TheDarkFae2 TheDarkFae3
Dark Knight Decor - Silent Nights 
Scene: Dark Knight Decor - Hanging Candle Holder, gold (Cart Sale item)
Silvery K - Christmas tree, black
Half-Deer - Mini Ceramic Village, white (color modded)
LOVE - Garland and Bows
Varonis - Sombre Skybox
DarkKnight2 DarkKnight1
Dixie Dandelion & Designs - Santa's Extra Eyes 
Shadow: Maitreya body, GL Lena head, GL Mieko skin, Argrace Santa Hat/Miyuki (old group gift)
Wearing: Dixie Dandelion & Designs - Santa Baby, red (Cart Sale item)
Breathe -Laureline Heels, black
Scene: Dixie Dandelion & Designs - Karma Sign & Quarantine Christmas Chair (Cart Sale items)
Dixie1 Dixie2 Dixie3
XClusive Animations - A Moment in Time 
Scene: X-Clusive Animations - Amorica Lovers Rock
XClusiveAnimations1 XClusiveAnimations2 XClusiveAnimations3 XClusiveAnimations4
Final Peek:
Cart Sale Final Days - Holidays are Coming! 
Shadow: Maitreya body, GL Lena head, GL Mieko skin, Doux Katy hair
Wearing: Shae's - Sassy CAMI, red (Cart Sale item)
Vanilla Bae - Neve Leggings Patterns MadPea - Reindeer Slippers
Scene: EARTHWORX - Cuddles Christmas Tree & Wreath w/ Dances (Cart Sale items)
 Athy Designs - Golden Victorian Chair & Table set (Cart Sale items)
Simple Reflections - Noel Letter Blocks
Jian - Kitten Pillow & A Very Kitten Christmas, black kitten

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