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Saturday, November 27

Happy Holly Days Hunt - Part 2

Happy Holly Days
This turned out to be a well run hunt with a ton of goodies to pick up. The official site has a lot of useful information to get around the tricky parts and help you find the hidden bits of leaves. Among the many fabulous gifts is a fun toy for all ages..or at least for those who refuse to grow up. I'm not naming names, but I might have a few of these. It's time to deck the halls with boughs of holly!

~Tessira and Shadowed

Number of stores:
96 (51-96 below)
58 - A&S Creations - item not ready
90 - +..::Beautiful Disaster: - item not ready

Happy Holly Days
57 - Eye Candi (pants not included)
87 - Sun Design
96 - Cheeseburger (pants not included)

Happy Holly Days
83 - Just Bee's Kids
81 - Forever Charmed (pants not included)
82 - Destiny's Divine Designs

Happy Holly Days
76 - iRez (pants not included)
75 - .: Reindeer :.
70 - Dark Water Designs

Happy Holly Days
62 - M&M CELTIC DESIGNS (M- pants not included)
59 - !Holiday Bliss! (pants not included)
66 - City Kitty
69 - Wafflez Designs

Happy Holly Days
78 - Petal's Place (pants not included)
63 - Saris Creations
86 - Static Clothing Co. (pants not included)
73 - !Right Fashion

Happy Holly Days
51 - !Puarangi Designs Jewellery
79 - Misera
71 - .:: Adoring Charms ::.
64 - Cortes'n'Rossini

Happy Holly Days
84 - G-series*
92 - chuculet
77 - BeScene Poses
74 - Willows Farm for Breedables (hair not included)

Happy Holly Days
94 - *Fashion & Beauty*
54 - SALAMANDER Airways
93 - Mindshift Christmas 2010 (wearable)

Happy Holly Days
93 - Mindshift Christmas 2010
53 - ~*~DW Design~*~ -

Happy Holly Days
60 - ArtiZan Creative Solutions
80 - *Finishing Touches*
61 - Les Sucreries de Fairy

Happy Holly Days
68 - DH Customs
65 - Design 360
52 - Garden Oasis~
81 - Forever Charmed
67 - Untamed Designs

Happy Holly Days
91 - EMU Group - Products

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