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Friday, December 17

Jingle Bells Hunt

Jingle Bells Hunt

The Jingle Bell, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bellies all the way? These are the names of four hunts this month. If you have problems keeping track, this particular hunt is Jingle Bells, with an S, without ** in the folder names, and the item to search for is a gold bell with ribbon. This is a short little hunt with a few issues still being worked on, but the official website has hints and LMs to help you get around. There are a lot of cute things in the hunt and some different stores to wander through. Once you figure out which of the 4 bell hunts you are really on and what you are looking for, it gets easier! 0.o

~Tessira and Shadowed

December 1 - December 31
Search for item: gold sculpted bell with ribbon
Jingle Bells Hunt
Number of stores:
10 - Urban Republic Co - not found
20 - The Tree - not found, no sign
21 - :PopCorn: - used wrong hunt item
27 - LEMANIA INDIGO - not found, no sign

Jingle Bells Hunt

29 - Chehalis Design
16 - Random-Onics & Pink Wolf
1 - +Flirt+
22 - !! Never Ever!

Jingle Bells Hunt

3 - sugar & spice
12 - *diavolicious* (hair not included)
15 - DivaLicious
24 - La luna di carta

Jingle Bells Hunt

19 - :Robbish: (pants not included)
28 - ;;; CERO STYLE ;;;
21 - :PopCorn: (pants not included)
17 - Eye Candi
11 - WPJewels

Jingle Bells Hunt

6 - Natas designs
32 - [chuculet]
4 - Samsara Design Clothes
31 - *Finishing Touches*

Jingle Bells Hunt

23 - Xclusives Animation
13 - Park Place Home Decor
9 - Les Sucreries de Fairy (wearable)

Jingle Bells Hunt

30 - Xen Builds
7 - Spyralle
2 - JK Studio
5 - LoveBird's Paradise
14 - enLightened

1 comment:

  1. Yay more Christmas hunts! Thanks guys!
    I'm definitely lost trying to keep track of the hunts, without them all having the same name. I'm just trying to keep tabs on my favorite stores at this point so I don't miss anything they offer! I'm failing though. I've said it a thousand times, but without you guys I'd miss out on sooo many goodies! :) <3

    I'm surprised there's not more christmas trees. xD