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Friday, June 23

The Cart Sale - Summer Edition!

Wash BiAnnual Cart Sale June 2017 Poster

Summertime is here with a vengeance, and we have got the perfect way to beat the heat and still stay stylish without breaking the bank! The summer edition of the Cart Sale Event at the Wash has kicked off and boy - have they got some great things to share with you! Whether your idea of summer bliss is a day at the beach, a weekend at the lake, or even just a luscious ice cream in the city park, you will find something here to make your SL just that much better.

We'll be showcasing some of the great things you can find at the current round of Cart Sale over the next week or so, so be sure to check back with the blog and see what we've got. It would be a shame to miss out on any of this summery goodness - and, like that ice cream in the park, these sale prices won't last long.

As for the nuts and bolts of the event: The sale runs from July 21st to June 5th and all items are priced at 10L for the duration. Two weeks isn't a lot of time for an event, plus there are holidays tossed in there (Canada Day and 4th of July), so make sure to get there before its too late

Cart Sale Info
Dates: June 21st to July 5th
Where: The Wash
 List of participating merchants/direct Slurls: Here

Happy shopping and hope to see you at The Wash!


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Tuesday, June 20

The Masters of Style Hunt - 2017 Edition


As you know, I have a soft spot for male-only hunts in SL because, frankly, you guys out there get screwed over most of the time. So, I am gearing up to cover the upcoming Cart Sale, but I made some time to squeeze in a little something special for the men out there: The Masters of Style Hunt - 2017 Edition. This is just a quick and dirty little post, but there is some great stuff out there on the hunt.

The hunt is hosted by Gardenia Events and includes 30+ stores on the hunt path. I ran through the stores on opening day, so there are a few who were not ready on time that I missed, but you can use their official web page for all the LMs, hints and updates on the stores who are running a little late. There are also a couple stores who have their hunt items up on SL's Marketplace rather than in a physical store location. Each hunt item is set to sell for 1L, so for very little lindens, you can score a lot of nice stuff.

Event Information
Official Blog Store List/Hints: Gardenia Events
Dates: June 17th through July 31st
Start Location: Black Larl Designs
Cost: 1L per gift

Happy Hunting!


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