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Monday, August 23

Fr3ak You Hunt - part 2

Freak You FYH
Onwards with the second half of this mixed up hunt. Again we'll mention we did not get all the items because the hunt chain of stores is repeatedly broken by lack of information. It seems the official site has more information now, and hopefully is accurate for others attempting this one. We wish you better luck than we've had the past week!

~Tessira & Shadowed...and Thanos!

Number of stores: 70-141
too many to list, bad LMs and non-existing stores

Freak You FYH
103 - Shadow Moon
114 - Cupcake Clothing

Freak You FYH
119 - Graffitiwear
134 - FluxBox (pants only)

Freak You FYH
121 - T Junction (pants not included)
96 - ..::Beauty Killer::.. (pants not included)

Freak You FYH
135 - Sweet Little Mystery (pants not included)
108 - .::ODB::. (pants not included)
75 - FoxyDemons Shop (shirt not included)

Freak You FYH
132 - Ipseity
73 - [aRAWRa] (outfit & skin)

Freak You FYH
101 - Lemania Indigo Designs
124 - NebuchadNezzar (shirt not included)
113 - **ETINCELLE** (shirt only)
115 - EVOLE

Freak You FYH
120 - ~Sassy!~
104 - Intrigue Designs (eyelashes included)

Freak You FYH
104 - Intrigue Designs (f- 4 shapes, m- 2 shapes)

Freak You FYH
70 - Tattoos By Azzy! (wolf tatt has with and w/o chest tatt)

Freak You FYH
74 - .:.::Malfean Visions::.:
112 - K&G Designs

Freak You FYH
123 - Misera (tattoo)
107 - Eye Candi
108 - .::ODB::.
134 - FluxBox

Freak You FYH
97 - Kabuki Creations
104 - Intrigue Designs
116 - X-Clusives Animations

Freak You FYH
77 - { Just A Pose}
106 - LGJC Productions

Freak You FYH
122 - Vamp Equip Co.
102 - Soulless Productions
83 - Darkfold Designs

Freak You FYH
98 - Genira Fantasy Roleplay
137 - *Finishing Touches*
134 - FluxBox

Freak You FYH
133 - Belle's Happy Birthday,Rez Day,Party & Seasonal Store
131 - Nympheas Textures (particle emitter)
109 - LJ Creations

Freak You FYH
72 - ZAP-In
111 - Bound & Bitten
100 - Ruth's Creations

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