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An important reminder - All deals posted are subject to the whims of the item creators, and are often offered for a limited time (from hours to months). We do not guarantee the items are still available, and the creators are under no obligation to give anything.

Thank You to all of the creators!

Friday, August 20

Iconically Sexy Shopping District 2010 Summer Hunt


Strip down to your least laggy/scripted clothes, give your patience a shot in the arm, and head on over to the ICON Lifestyle sims for the Iconically Sexy Shopping District 2010 Summer Hunt. The lag can be insane (double-click teleports ended up being the only way we could move from shop to shop) and rez time for things to become huntable was horrendous at times, not to mention the sims being full and difficult to teleport into due to the volume of hunters/shoppers...BUT...the prizes are FABULOUS! Gorgeous designer duds by well-known names and completely worth the effort. There are 31 hidden black boxes, 1 in each participating shop, spread over 2 sims. Slap one of the hunt signs when you arrive and it will give you a notecard with the list of participating stores since not all stores on the 2 sims are part of the hunt. We found all but 3 of them, and we braved the sims more than once to go back before posting to check if the missing ones were there. We're masochistic enough that we'll probably go back again in a few days once the initial hubbub has worn down to see if we can pick up the missing items. =)

Good luck, and happy hunting!

~Tessira & Shadowed

August 19 - August 31

Search for item: small black box (not to be confused with the shops' black rent box!)

Number of stores: 31

Unable to find boxes: Mashooka or Jewelry by Jake on ICON Lifestyle sim; or Indyra's Originals on ICON Lifestyle II sim.

Iconically Sexy Shopping District
4. elymode
11. Anubis Style
19. FK Virtues

Iconically Sexy Shopping District
9. Ala Folie
5. Cynful
12. ANYU
16. Convoitise

Iconically Sexy Shopping District
1. Seldom Blue
26. Staged (not shown: pants layer since it would not rez for me)

Iconically Sexy Shopping District
22. MEB Fashion
13. Blacklace
17. DCNY
3. Angel Dessous

Iconically Sexy Shopping District
20. G Field
24. Mina Hair Fashion

Iconically Sexy Shopping District
6. Tuli (skins)

Iconically Sexy Shopping District
8. Aimesi (skins, eyes, not shown: eyelashes)

Iconically Sexy Shopping District
27. U&R Dogs
10. Amacci
28. Urban Alchemi
14. Chop Suey Couture Jewellery

Iconically Sexy Shopping District
23. Miamai (scarf)
18. Elegant Images Photography
21. INDI Designs
2. 2Extreme (butterflies that flutter about and return to rez point)

Iconically Sexy Shopping District
25. oOo Studio (pose)
29. NLimbo (pose)
7. aDORKable Poses (pose)
30. Ambiance Interactive Furnishings

Iconically Sexy Shopping District
15. CnS E-Motion

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