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Sunday, August 15

Strut Yr Stuff Hunt

We finished this one a bit ago and just now got to posting it - sorry for the delay, but there are so many interesting hunts going on this month at staggered times, it's hard to pick which ones to do! Strut Yr Stuff was a lot of fun. You are looking for a cute little prim butterfly and as with other hunts coordinated by the same group of people, this one went pretty smoothly. Definitely go to their starting point before you head out hunting and get the information they have available to help you with LMs and hints.

~Tessira & Shadowed

August 10 - August 24
Search for item: butterfly sculptie
Number of stores: 42
6, 34, 37 (normally we list what the issues were, but thank you SL, I can't get the NC to open so I can see what problems we ran into at these numbers)

Strut Yr Stuff
1 - SereliCious & Rockstar (m- shirt only)
8 - Paris Metro 5th Avenue

Strut Yr Stuff
3 - Aphotic (complete avatar)
9 - Silk Dreams Fashions

Strut Yr Stuff
22 - *~-Rag Dollz-~*
7 - Paris Metro Main Store

Strut Yr Stuff
19 - Sinful Pleasures
26 - SHH Designs

Strut Yr Stuff
41 - *Designs
13 - DivaLicious

Strut Yr Stuff
25 - STORM
28 - Whims

Strut Yr Stuff
38 - No Saints Inc
39 - Bella's Accessories

Strut Yr Stuff
12 - LILLOU's DESIGNS MAINSTORE (m- fatpack of shirts)

Strut Yr Stuff
31 - Dyadica Faire (m- shirt only)
10 - Kitty Kit Main Store (includes hair)

Strut Yr Stuff
21 - Kandy Couture
42 - Boo Designs
23 - Dressed by Lexi

Strut Yr Stuff
4 - aMuse (shape, skin, hair, eyelashes)
36 - Embody Shapes & Poses (shapes)

Strut Yr Stuff
18 - Sooden's Sculpties (each color has small & wide pupils)
14 - JXD Flagship Store (hat and hair)

Strut Yr Stuff
15 - Genesis Inc II
33 - Hats and more @ YeeVoo Designs

Strut Yr Stuff
40 - Clockwork Forest Magic Shop
35 - .::ODB::.
31 - Dyadica Faire

Strut Yr Stuff
30 - Clocktower Designs
5 - ~*Vels Boutique*~

Strut Yr Stuff
24 - SilverDragon Creations & Fairytales (animated pigeon)
29 - Dark RPG - Siden

Strut Yr Stuff
20 - Lightening Video
2 - SR Leatherwerkx

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  1. I don't blame you for getting sidetracked with all the hunts this month. xD I gave up trying to keep track myself. I didn't even know this hunt was going on at all, so I'm glad you posted! There's some cute things in there I would've completely missed, that Imma run off and find now :>