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An important reminder - All deals posted are subject to the whims of the item creators, and are often offered for a limited time (from hours to months). We do not guarantee the items are still available, and the creators are under no obligation to give anything.

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Saturday, August 7

Techie Hunt

Techie Hunt
As you might expect, this is a hunt all about GADGETS! The pictures do not do these gizmos justice, and some of these are tough to describe. The official site has a full list of hints and Slurls, and there are no problems with this hunt. Bring the guys along and get those gadgets you didnt know you couldnt live without! :D

~Tessira & Shadowed

August 1 - August 31
Search for item: 'Fun' key sculpt
Techie Hunt
Number of stores: 31

Techie Hunt
26 - BalAni
2 - Equilibrium Design (eyes and 'heart')
4 - Sour Pickles

Techie Hunt
23 - *~Zanzibar creationZ~*
6 - Misera
24 - Rusty Rhode

Techie Hunt
31 - mi pop
22 - K&G Designs
8 - Gothica "The Darker Side Of Clothing"
27 - *~ Vels Boutique ~*

Techie Hunt
31 - mi pop (halo is typer animation)
13 - Damage
30 - Wheather or Not? (sparking battery pack)

Techie Hunt
29 - *diavolicious* (wearables)
3 - IGNITION (wearable)
7 - Yoshikawa Aetheric Engineering
17 - Grim Death Co (typer animation)

Techie Hunt
10 - Perpetually Loony
18 - Grimalkin Workshop (wearable, with and w/o stuffed animals)
20 - Shameless Bits (champagne bucket plays music, chair has couples menu)

Techie Hunt
25 - Cat Crap (phone smashing animation)
1 - Fire Good!!! (launches fun-key and LOLs)
11 - Khargo Furniture

Techie Hunt
12 - ~Dreams in Digital Art Gallery~
13 - Damage (changing room ball - teleports AV to 1000ft into edit pose and privacy sphere. Standing up breaks pose and you fall)
28 - DGP4SL (teleports AV to any desired altitude and remains until picked up, can rez items on and also use to TP back to ground)
19 - icarus video and lighting

Techie Hunt
14 - Blue Buddha Club Supplies (shows profile pictures)
5 - Brass in Pocket
31 - mi pop (tip jar)
16 - Kerhops Innovations
15 - PRIME Furniture

Techie Hunt
13 - Damage (submarine)
21 - Jm Designs (free play board)
9 - ArtiZan Creative Solutions (HUD for landmarks)

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