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Thursday, May 12

Darkness Inside Hunt: 59-117

Darkness Inside
The second half of the Darkness Inside Hunt was just as good as the first - a nice mix of known and not-so-well known stores, a smooth path with plenty of information available from the official blog and group notices, and some pretty fantastic gifts for the hunters. As with the first half, my caveats about some stores which were not quite ready still holds - the gifts shown here are those I found at the time I went through the hunt, you might have better luck than I did in some places. This was definitely an enjoyable hunt, and with the weekend coming, that would be the perfect time to get out there and enjoy it.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


May 7 - June 7

Previous Post:

Number of stores:
117 (59-117 here)

Problems at the time I went through:
Check the blog and group notices for updates on stores which were not ready

64. Red Devil Inc. Mainstore
101. HerBerry Main Store
74. Crayon Design (M-jeans not included)

69. Dax Designs Main Store (M-jeans not included)
117. .::Karmas Kreations::. (jeans not included)
93. Wafflez Designs

84. BioHazard Rocker Wear Main Store (jeans not included)
66. PeKaS Design
111. 2 Xtreme

68. *Connaught Empire*
100. La Belle Dame Sans Merci (whip and whipmarks included)
105. Pulchritude Main Store

92. Condemned Designs
115. Jaded Threads
99. Holly's Market Hall
97. Sucreries de Fairy

78. Elite Skins & Shapes by *::[NV]::.(skin)
82. Gaea Designs
102. Cortes'n'Rossini
63. .:SS Spearsong:.
61. aMuse Main Store

72. Hypocritical
95. CANTIK Ink
71. Sexy Swagger
62. .:CoLLisions:.
85. SFJ Main Store

107. ::A Jewel::
91. MCD Main Store
109. KA Piercings & Jewelry
90. jeaniesing's Things

76. Random-Onics Adult
59. Kabuki Creations
108. .:.Hysteria.:.
104. Ms. B. Designs
70. Poses and Props

94. RT Designs Furniture
106. Incendia Campfires & Caves
86.**Purple Poses Mainstore**
114. Touch It!

96. EZ Stores & The Lost Yard
98. Dust Bunnies
81. Salamander World
67. *Enchante*
75. Khargo Grunge (wall tattoo)

73. ~Dream Things~
116. Llyr's Bay Fish & Mer Market
65. FlufferNutterz
87. Sweetstar

112. Aphrodite Shop
103. Celtic Dreams Market
89. Zap-In
113. bees heaven shop

80. Just Luk's Gallery
83. JE Club Equipment
77. Visions Gallery
110. M & M Celtic Designs

79. Druids Designs

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