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Thursday, June 9

MENStuff Hunt: 101-151

MENstuff Hunt
And so we come to the end of the MENStuff Hunt for this go-round. The final third of the hunt went as smoothly as the first two. There are some changes to LMs and dropped stores, so be sure to check the official blog and join the group for help if you need it. When in doubt - follow the blog SLurls. This portion of the hunt had some really great outfits and some fantastic skins, so don't miss out! You have until the end of the month to finish the hunt.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


June 3 - July 3

Previous Post:

Search for item: Sculpted blue T-Shirt
Number of stores:
151 (101-151 here)

Problems at the time I went through:

101. Mirco Dinzeo Underwear
151. Gizza Creations
102. b[ELLE]issima (skin included)
128. U.N.I.

149. Bi Design (shape included)
103. LoveCats
146. Evoke (jeans not included)
107. Legal Insanity
145. Heros Clobber (entire av)

110. Silhouette
143. Crank
144. ELIXIR (jeans not included)
115. DragonLady's Closet
111. KING (jeans not included)

141. Island Swimwear
117. Al Jamal
135. Rosenwolf Design
118. Bleh (jeans not included)
139. House of Europe

122. Red Dog Gear (jeans not included)
134. KEMONO-System
124. CODED
133. Darkrose Trendy Styles for men
132. Zanzo

125. Tees, Please (jeans not included)
131. Gentleman Store (shape included)
126. CW Male
127. Mimi's Choice (jeans not included)
130. Biohazard Rocker Wear

129. Harding & Dobbs English Tailors (both shirt styles come in multicolor fatpacks)
109. Style by Kira (skin - briefs painted on)
113. Shape It Up (shape)

119. Empire Deluxe (shape and eyes)
121. Ultimate Shapes (shape)
136. INXX Body Institute (shape)

138. AM Shapes (shape)
148. Tamiron Forge (shape)
104. Rock Candy (huge color fatpack included)

137. Bad@zz
147. D&K
140. PHILO
123. PNP - Props and Poses

106. Estetica
116. Embody Shapes & Poses

142. Diesel Works

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