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Wednesday, July 27

Final Word on MHO6

I had intended to leave this topic in the dust, as I felt there was nothing more of value to say on the subject nor any need to keep attention focused on it anymore. However, I was linked last night to a post made by Rob1977 Moonites, one of the co-owners of the MENStuff group regarding statements made by the MHOII owner that bloggers were being *paid* to badmouth the MHOII hunts.


I resent the hell out of the implication that my blog is in essence for sale in that manner, and any other legitimate blogger out there who blogs like we do, simply for the pleasure in sharing our interests and passions with others, should be equally insulted. The fact that the owner of MHOII, who himself has stolen the MHO name and is attempting to ride on the coattails of the original MHO group's success, is the one starting these baseless rumors is very telling, I think, of how his own mind works. I think that owner's true colors are showing more and more, and to a broader base of people as time goes by, and hopefully there is sufficient information for people out there to make up their own minds about what kind of person he truly is and whether or not they wish to be associated with him and his business ventures in Second Life.

Furthermore, in response to the completely erroneous post made by Vic ZuZu on his own blog:

1) Rob1977 Moonites did not pay me to write anything - I doubt he knows me as more than a blogger and vendor in MENStuff. He is not on my friends list, and I don't think I have ever had a conversation with him.

2) The same applies to the accusation of being friends with the coordinator of the Seasons hunts - I have not even participated in those hunts as a vendor, let alone be a personal friend of the coordinators.

3) As for his claim that I was ejected last December from MHO5, these are from my logs in SL:

When I joined the group just before the hunt:
[2011/07/18 18:48] MAKE HIM OVER INVITER: Click the link from Chat History (Ctrl+H) and then click on JOIN button! secondlife:///app/group/cc0db273-c972-6bce-c74f-03a32a81d146/about
[2011/07/18 18:49] Teleport completed from http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dragovar%20Dynasty%20Estates/94/65/31

When I was thrown off the MHO2 sim the day of the hunt's beginning:
[2011/07/20 20:06] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Vic Zuzu (19m)
[2011/07/20 20:08] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: Vic Zuzu (19m)
[2011/07/20 20:09] You are no longer allowed here and have 15 seconds to leave.
[2011/07/20 20:09] You are no longer allowed here and have been ejected.
[2011/07/20 20:10] You have been teleported home by the object 'SWA Security Orb v6' on the parcel 'Everything Always'.
[2011/07/20 20:10] Teleport completed from http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dragovar%20Dynasty%20Estates/1/130/21

And when I was ejected from the group:
[2011/07/20 20:11] Vic Zuzu: You have been ejected from 'MAKE HIM OVER II' by Vic Zuzu.

Additionally, I was on the MHO2 sim with a hunt partner when this all happened. There is a witness to my being kicked, and the resultant WTF conversations in IM with my hunt partner at the time it happened.

Vic, you are nothing but a baldfaced liar.

There comes a point when personal ethics need to override the desire to promote one's business, and as far as I am concerned, that point has been crossed several times over.


  1. Hi Shadowed,

    I am shocked how MHOII Owner(s) / Co Owners are acting with you and other bloggers and i cannot and will not understand that. Reading something like this will bring me to the decision not to enter this hunt anymore, now and in the future.

    I love your blog and i love to hunt.

    Your Blog is a possibility for me to stay informed which hunts are running, to find new creators, returned to mind about "old" creators and, and thats important for me, to save time.
    I am a creator by myself and most of my time i am building, so your blog is a very big help for me.

    Best Regards

  2. Professional ethics overdidden? Hon this guy has shown me nothing but immaturity from day one since this hunt has started.. replacing stores who dropped for whatever reason. Slandering others on his blog and not permitting commentary. I've heard the rumors of the quality of stuff on the hunt but yet I continued. Why? Because I don't listen to rumors. I go through a hunt, look at the items I receive and make my own judgement. Dropping people for whatever reason without explanation is also childish.

    Vic! You hear me? I hope so! I will continue to defy your stupity and finish this hunt. Why? Certainly not because of you, but because I hate to leave a hunt unfinished. I will unpack the gifts and make my own opinion to the quality of the stores in your hunt. Post them on my blog and voice my pleasure or displeasure of the gifts offered.

  3. Your blog is the best, and your ethics shine through. Wipe off the slime of this "thing," and continue to do what you do so well.

  4. Vic is a piece of garbage that can't handle himself with dignity and maturity. I hope that through all this, hunters will see what he is truly like.

    All Vic is fighting at this point is inevitable progress since hunters will always find ways to help eachother. He can either deal with it and life goes on, or he's going to continue to show the SL community just how 'worthwhile' he is as a person.

    Just keep on doing as you have been. People like him only help drag the SL experience down for everyone involved. You have class to spare and it truly shows here and in the way you have handled this entire monstrosity. Thank you for all your hard work. You help perhaps many more than you know.

  5. What a horrible guy. Blech.

    I love reading your blog and look forward to each new hunt that you cover. Your generosity with your time in researching each hunt is commendable. Keep up the fantastic work.

  6. I did one store in the hunt, only because I wanted this hair they had. I'm happy I decided against doing any other ones. Sad that this store would join the hunt, maybe they didn't know about the owners shady deeds. I still like this store though and I won't blame them for the deeds of this man.

  7. Some people use lies because they know they are wrong. But still they dont accept that and dont apologize for stupidity. If Vic had a bit brain he would apologize you. its shame there are some of cool SL store in this hunt. now I am sure I wont do MHO. I can visit my favorite stores. What a pity for new and good stores which should be seen but we wont visit because of Vic's stupidity. Thanks again these bloggers. You are great and doing a great job.

  8. I can't believe this guy is getting so worked up over a game. As far as I know, he doesn't profit from this hunt, so it IS a game for him.

  9. What is wrong with this person?
    I really like your blog, i always check it to see if there is anything cool in the hunts.
    I been in serval hunts myself as a designer and i've seen that you blogged my stuff too.
    but i NEVER seen any nasty comment about anything.
    I know that there are bloggers out there (without any name calling) that do badmouth stuff over their blogs but that doesnt mean that every blogger does that. What a total bullshit.
    Anyway, i hope you keep going on for the people that DO like your blog and respect you for going this :)

  10. Mimmiomi ushimawaJuly 28, 2011 at 10:53 AM

    I support you. :}

  11. Have you noticed one thing? On the blogs that I've seen combating this VZ nut, commentary is enabled.. Has anyone seen any comments on VZ's blog other than his long-winded and one-sided speeches? NO! Tells you a story there. C'mon VZ! Prove to us you've got the balls you claim to have.. Instead of hiding behind your closed blog.. Face off with these people! Prove to us you're the man you claim to be! I DARE YOU!

  12. you have my support Shadowed. the guy is obviously an ass.


  13. VZ is so full of crap it isn't even funny. He's told so many lies and built himself up so much that I'm surprised he isn't claiming to be Vladimir Putin's godson or Boris Yeltsin Jr along with his other lies and mistruths.

    He'll go away eventually. Slime almost always does.

  14. Illegitimi non carborundum! You have a great blog, Shadowed, and provide a valuable service to all of us SL hunt fans. Please don't let this bully get to you.

  15. Your blog is very good :) I had some problem too in june with this personn. Maybe he's just on SL for BS drama.

  16. I can't believe it. Why MHOH acts like that ? Your blog is so great...I love reading it and see the preview of the hunt.

  17. I support you too. I hope the problem will be solved and that MHOH will see his mistake.

  18. When you say VZ in Greek, it means boob.
    Just thought I'd throw that out there.

  19. Well from what we can gather, he is a total boob. So I guess it fits.

  20. Hollywoodundead unpluggedJuly 30, 2011 at 2:05 PM

    wow. I follow your blog alot. and it saves time to see what the hunts item are. and I agree with Kevinn Draconia 100% and behind you guys 100%+

  21. Shadowed, you rock. I echo what everyone else here has said, Vic has proven himself over and over to be slime. He is beneath being worthy of your anger, but I know that kind of advice is easy to give and not so easy to follow.

    Wipe that feces off your shoe and carry on. We love what you do. Thank you!

  22. your blog is the best , love it, dont pay attention to silly ppl , there are everywhere lol

  23. I was going to do this hunt (since sometimes MHOH has some good things for girls too) but for some reason I thought against it and felt like something was wrong with it. When I read your blog and saw what was up with the owner of the group, I'm glad that I decided not to do the hunt. I'm just surprised no ones' said anything sooner, or if they had said something, it wasn't widely known. And Entropy, he does have SOME comments on his blogs, BUT they're the comments that support HIM. I'm sure that he deletes the other comments >.<

  24. oh, and I loves your blog too, don't stop posting your stuff and being awesome ^^

  25. ^ I applied to comment that his only remotely credible argument was that December was the incorrectly stated month of original ejection, but that the time frame was still accurate (early January is close enough). Yeah, that didn't make it through. Surprised?

  26. You going to come back?? i love your blog really is great!!

  27. I'm not sure what all this is about, but I wanted to chime in and say that I love your blog and hope it doesn't go anywhere.

    Out of curiosity I browsed his blog too and it was just a textwall of ranting gibberish. Don't let him get you down too much. He's barely understandable over there and looks like a lunatic to the average person seeing this from a neutral angle.

  28. Excellent blog. Thank you for your hard work. If some residents choose to act childish, it's their decision. Let's leave SL for the grown-ups. So, what's new on the hunt front? :)


  29. Just wondering if a solution to all this wouldn't be to warn all the designers/stores involved in this about Vic - getting people who speak the languages the non-English speaking talent involved do speak to alert them - then blacklist those individuals from more reputable hunts once (or if) Vic is dealt with and his crooked hunt is put to an end?