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Friday, August 12

Ocio Xtreme Hunt: 43-84

Ocio Extreme Hunt
And here we have the second half of the Ocio Xtreme Hunt. More fabulous stores and some amazing gifts from the designers await those hunters intrepid enough to brave their way through this challenging hunt. The second half of the hunt went a little smoother for me than the first half, with no skipped stores and a relatively easy time navigating from store to store along the hunt path. Remember to let the stores rez all the way - there are no hints on this hunt, so you have to rely on your camera skills to locate the hidden hunt icons. Take your friends with you: the more eyes the better, not to mention you look less silly doing the victory dance with a group rather than alone after you find a particularly tough one! =)

Limited time left on this hunt - you only have until the 21st, so don't delay if you plan on doing this one!

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


August 1 - August 21

Previous Post:

Search for item: the letters OX and a blue surfboard

Number of stores:
84 (43-84 here)

Problems at the time I went through:
57. Use blog LM, not gift LM

82. SAD Fashion
44. Crank Design
59. SZD

47. Stilecht
73. U.N.I
58. Fierce Designs

56. Just BECAUSE (jeans not included)
66. Legal Insanity
52. .::Fe:.. Fashion Emergency (jeans not included)

45. Cynful Clothing & Co. (jeans not included)
81. Shantal (top not included)
55. 20.FIVE
65. Geek (jeans not included)
79. Suzy (jeans not included)
72. Clarity Creations

57. Nowhere (jeans not included)
76. Blanche's Boutique (top not included)
77. in,Delicate Store
61. C.Swag (jeans not included)
64. Reila Skins & Fashion
71. Asteria Creations

83. CandyMetal
60. Vogan
74. Sweet Sin Shapes (shape)
80. Endlix skins (skin)

75. Furore (shape)
62. yNtz shaPe's (shape, eyes)
53. Calaveras y Diablitos (shapes)

43. EgoxentriKaX (skin)
46. VoguE (comes in 3 shades of black)
51. Back&Writer
48. Acide

78. Pekka
63. Boathouse
54. I <3 Fashion
69. Aphrodite shop

67. Designer Prims
70. 2Xtreme
49. JJ Lanes Furniture
68. Velde's Magical Arms & Armor
84. GUHL ArchitectureDesign

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