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Wednesday, September 21

Home & Garden: Falling Leaves Hunt

Home and Garden: Falling Leaves Hunt
This month is a little hectic and chaotic in terms of getting hunts posted, so I hope you guys can bear with me until things calm down a bit. I have been guest blogging on The Wash and Nature's Hunt blogs for events each of them has going on, and getting back in the swing of hunting with Thanos, and slogging through the monster hunts this month. So things are a little jumbled, a little nutty, but we'll get as many hunts finished and posted as we can without completely losing what little marbles I have left. Thanos, on the other hand, is cool as can be and holding me together when I think my head is gonna fly off! =)

Here is the Home and Garden: Falling Leaves Hunt. This was a great hunt - we were able to get through it in 2 evenings, and the hunt flowed very smoothly with no major issues along the way. You are looking for a small green leaf and boy - that leaf got itself into some very tricky places! There is an official blog with hints, and a list of participating stores. The store list has no SLurls and are not in order, however, so you do need to do the hunt in order to get to all the stops correctly - some stores have more than one location on different sims in the hunt as separate entries. There are also clusters where there are several stores all on the same sim, so be sure to check the LMs for the correct store names to be sure you are in the right store and not missing someone along the way.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!

~Shadowed and Thanos

September 15 - October 15



Search for item: Sculpted leaf

Number of stores:

Problems at the time I went through:

38. Shadow Moon
10. Wings of Enchantment
48. Crazy Cakes Toybox
54. Bound & Bitten

15. Boathouse
36. Shabby Tabby
63. GUHL Architecture
4. Little House of Curios
6. Nadeau Home Store
27. PDN Potpourri's

71. Michigan's Shack
31. Visions Gallery
24. Wicked Garden
45. X-Clusives Animations

1. The Strawberry Box
11. Glimmer Moon Warehouse
56. Bella's Designs
16. Earthvisions Gallery
34. BagLady Design

60. EZ Stores & The Lost Yard
17. Scalawag's Treasures
61. SweetPea
53. Piper's Place
7. Storaxtree Mainstore
42. Just My Imagination...Cleo Design

12. Tree House Treasures
43. Jabberwocky (sculpts/textures)
32. Scalawag's Treasures
13. Dreamscapes Art Gallery
66. Loves Enchantment

14. Weekend Salvage
26. Bearsfoot Beaches
5. Bearsfoot Lane
51. Hanaya Yummy collectibles & Art Gallery
22. Bumbershoot

18. Piddler's Perch
35. Llyr's Fish & Mer Market - Llyr's Bay Designs
46. Park Place Home Decor
25. Thunderbolt
55. Jinxed Toys

19. Cube
68. PaPiLLoN Design
49. Craze Companies
44. mebbery
67. Stamens

30. The Sacred Flame Weddings
65. Off The Wall
70. beach street home and garden
59. Holiday Bliss
73. The Cookie Dough Cafe

37. Zinnias
20. Finishing Touches
33. Tinny's Forever Dreams
69. Blots Plot
3. Piddlers Perch

23. B&D Designs
52. United InshCon Mainstore
8. VM Projects
9. The Sacred Flame Garden Center
47. Jinxed Magic

57. aQ creating lifestlyes
28. Flood (sculpt maps)
50. C&D Designs
64. Secret Garden in the Clouds

2. Michigan's Shack
29. TRIDENT Farm & Garden
58. Design Extreme
41. Xenian Furniture

21. Dragon Magick Wares

39. Designer Prims

72. silenced

40. Comfy Within Furniture


  1. Wonderful work! Thank you for working so hard. Do you think there's a possible way you can list in the side bar up coming hunts that you are planning on blogging? I always want to ask are you doing this hunt are you doing that hunt? I don't ask because I feel like you must get asked all the time and I don't want to bother. this way your followers will know what you plan on posting?

  2. We used to have that and it was a pain in the butt to keep up to date, so we stopped updating and people began complaining about it not being up to date. So we removed the old upcoming hunts page...can't please everyone, unfortunately. =)

    ~shadow & thanos

  3. I understand! I just didn't want to bug you all the time when i wanted to know if you were gonna pdo a certain hunt hahahaha.if you post it and dont get to it then you just dont get to it who cares? people are never sastified! but if updating it was a pain in the ass then yeah dont worry about it hahahah. I was interested to know if you were going to do the Macabre Hunt?