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Sunday, September 25

LOL Hunt

LOL Hunt
One more medium length hunt that you can probably squeeze in before it ends on September 30th: The LOL Hunt. This is a great collection of about 50 stores with some really cute, funny gifts. I was able to get through the path in 1 night, but there were a few tough spots along the way. The hunt does have an official blog, with a page of vendors and a page of hints. If you use the blog, use the hints page - I found that the list of vendors is not correct for all stores - many of them are numbered different on the blog list as compared with the folder names on the gifts. AS far as I could tell, the hints DO match the actual hunt path. If you click on the number before each hint, it gives a SLurl for the store. There are a few missing numbers and a few skipped/dropped stores, so keep an eye on the hints list as not all of the gifts have updated LMs to the next stop on the hunt. That bit of confusion aside, the hunt was a pretty smooth one and you should have no trouble navigating it successfully.

If you can make the time, this would be a lot of fun to do with a group of friends - there are some really neat shops included and lots of great places to poke around and shop along the way.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


September 15 - September 30



Search for item: sculpted LOL with tongue
Number of stores:

Problems at the time I went through:
several skipped/dropped stores (check hints blog), 2 stores with hunt items that have LMs to the next stop but no gift, 1 moved store (LM to new location available at the landing point) and 1 store who's LM landed me about 70m from the store itself (located in a group of shops on a sim), but nothing that isn't easily navigated.

23. Synful Desires (pants not included)
38. J.P.D. (pants not included)
41. Body Shot (top not included)

32. Tori-Tastic (pants not included)
45. Furore
31. [[721]]
29. Cupcake Clothing
33. Condemned Designs

30. Scratch Skins & Shapes (skin)
19. Bedlam
27. Artemis Creations
1. CatCrap

36. Reebie's Tattoo Studio
28. Pixels
34. Sugar & Spice
2. Fire Good! (shoots fish)
37. Khargo Furniture
43. bees heaven
42. Kis Kis

46. rhetoric
50. Truly Tatted
6. PNP: Props N Poses
48. Circus Noir
5. LnL Square
47. Needful Things

7. mango
16. Signum Poses
8. Dead Chuffed

17. Magnifique Poses
49. X-Clusive Animations
22. Purple Poses
12. Before Sleep

4. ThatChick (multiple poses, 2 colors)
47. Needful Things
10. Xenian Furniture

3. Les Sucreries de Fairy
9. enLightened
40. Bella's Designs (tip jar)
35. Wicked Beauty Light Shows

25. Aphrodite Megastore
24. X Factor
13. Flood (sculpt map)

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