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Sunday, October 2

HardCore Hunt

HardCore Hunt
We're kicking off October with a peek at some of SL's adult underbelly. The HardCore Hunt, brought to you by HardCore Alley, is not for the faint of heart! We got to explore some pretty interesting places in our quest for the hidden bottles, and even managed to bring a blush to Shadow's cheeks a time or two. The hunt runs until mid-October, but give yourself plenty of time - despite being only 55 stores long, you'll want to be able to poke around and check out some of the stores and establishments included on the hunt path. The official blog has hints and Slurls if you need them. Grab your best hunt buddy, grab your significant other, grab some Mace...you never know what you might run into, but you will definitely have fun doing this hunt1

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


September 16 - October 16



Search for item: Bottle

Number of stores:

Problems at the time I went through:
All information about skipped or delayed stores is available from the official blog.

19. RoTtEn DeFiAnCe
27. Vel's Boutique (M-pants not included)
25. Carrie's Lingerie

A. HardCore Alley - Starting Point folder (pants not included)
9. Beautiful Dirty Rich
47. Fuk'N'Hawt (pants not included)

40. Motherfunken
46. Koketka
14. Holli Pocket
21. Kennedy's

28. xXx Treme Fashion Designs (6 different ways to wear this)
2. RazorBlade Jacket (pants not included)
5. CliMax Magazine (pants not included)
33. ChiXcksMayB
37. Sassy!
43. Devilish Designs

53. PlasticAcid
45. LC Designs
11. Alter Ego
6. CliMax Magazine (pants not included)

51. DQ Skins (skin)
24. BabyDoll's Sexy Lingerie
4. Elite Skins and Shapes [NV](makeup)
30. Fallen Gods Inc. & Libertine(full body tat)
42. Whitewolf Ink Tattoo

23. V Tattoo Store (pasties not included)
8. Temptestous
38. Madame Suff's House of Ill Repute
15. AIDORU (male version included)
20. Sweet Sin
31. v3 Tattoo

1. KL BDSM Store
22. fancy fashion
3. ODB (cuffs, collar, gag)
17. Purple Poses
10. LK Designs

7. Warm Animations
32. Ms. B. Designs
49. Captivity Co.
18. X-Clusive Animations
34. Lok's Low Prim Furniture

41. Bound & Bitten
26. Xplicit Furnishings
54. Shadow Dreams
16. SilVerLine
35. Stone Misery

29. Cynful Designs
55. Roscamade
1. KL BSDSM Store
30. Fallen Gods Inc. & Libertine

8. Tempestuous

38. Hard core Sluts Association

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