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Tuesday, October 18

Zombie Popcorn Hunt 5 (1-52)

Zombie Popcorn
We've got more Zombie Popcorn Hunt goodies for you today - the remainder of the hunt, stores 1-52. The lag in the beginning spots was much, much better a day or so after the hunt started, as well as less congested with hunters. People starting the hunt now should have smooth sailing all the way through, aside from the usual SL glitches. We had no problem with this portion of the hunt, with every store ready and all the LMs working just fine. Again - we did end up renaming the folders as we went because the format used by the hunt results in a jumbled mass of folders, and it is difficult to keep track of where you left off with the store numbers at the very end of the folder names, especially if you crash or if lag doesn't let the buy option go through properly. The notecard available at the first stop is a great help, with all the stores listed numerically with SLurls.

Remember - this hunt only runs for 2 weeks and has 100 stores, so be sure you don't run out of time to make it through the whole hunt. Cheers, and happy hunting!

~Shadow and Thanos

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Search for item: bag of popcorn sculpt
Zombie Popcorn
Number of stores: 100 (1-52 shown here)


Aside from killer lag and naming issues with the folders, none.

Zombie Popcorn
5. Death Row Designs (skins and outfits)
49. Elly (cardigans only)
27. Rezipsa Loc (shirt not included)

Zombie Popcorn
50. villena (shirt not included)
47. TuttiFrutti (shirt not included)
42. insanya
9. ANCAYI (jeans not included)
14. SWEET ANTIDOTE (shirt not included)

Zombie Popcorn
2. Sakide
8. Pepper HQ (jeans only)
31. Zenith Fashion
28. PiNkMaReS HoUsE (when I used the resize scripts to fit the top, the straps turned into the lump in the middle and wouldn't re-rez properly)
17. MUKA

Zombie Popcorn
21. Glue Ink (jeans not included)
15. Shush
52. paper.doll
37. roobix (also has spikes down the spine, can't see in the picture)
11. DAMNED (skin)

Zombie Popcorn
29. FILTHY (skin)
30. Katsuicide (skin)
10. Skintimate (skin)

Zombie Popcorn
39. Beauty Killer (skins)
40. n-creation
41. Virtual/Insanity
23. KOSH

Zombie Popcorn
1. ZombiePopcorn Brand & Quarantine
18. Love Zombie
6. Reckless

Zombie Popcorn
12. Para Designs
35. Needful Things
7. -iPoke-
22. Concrete Flowers
33. J.I.N.X.

Zombie Popcorn
32. SIGMA Jewels
34. Sweet Leonard
4. House of Darcy
16. Acide
45. Duh!
36. annaA
44. V.C. Design

Zombie Popcorn
43. bubble
38. Ragdoll's cut
20. Epic
46. Diesel Works (2 each male/female poses, 1 couples pose)

Zombie Popcorn
25. Zigana
24. Seil Xpression
19. Magnifique Poses


  1. DannieLynee DionysusOctober 20, 2011 at 6:39 PM

    what a fun hunt! I love the little white jacket you have on in some of your picture posts, I have one just like it in rl and its my fave lol...where did you get it from?

  2. i like the shirt too, its from sf designs =)