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Monday, February 6

WOMENstuff Hunt, part 2

We've got a second batch of goodies from the ongoing WOMENstuff hunt to share tonight. This hunt is an absolute treasure trove of gorgeous gifts from designers all over SL - everything from clothes and accessories to hair, skins and shapes. It is a fantastic chance to update your SL wardrobe and sample some terrific stores you may not have shopped before.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!

~Shadowed & Thanos

Feb 3 - March 2


Previous Entry:

Search for item: Red T-shirt
Number of stores:
150 (51-100 here)

Problems at the time I went through:
All information about skipped or delayed stores is available from the official blog.

65. Wilson's Design
95. Graffitiwear
67. Wild Serenity

75. Shiki designs
73. Arctic Storm
57. Eclectic Firefly
58. The White Armory
99. Ashmoot

93. Vero Modero
92. DAMAGE (shape included)
87. Together Inc.
78. Custom iNKZ

84. Nekolicious
53. Heroes Clobber
55. *SEDUCE*
61. Tamiron Forge (comes with blonde hair option also)
72. Lil Bitz

97. Elemiah Design
71. ::Fe:: (top not included)
90. Roughnecks (top not included)
76. BedlaM (vest only)
69. Egoisme (jeans not included)
79. LiF Lost in Fashion (jeans not included)

62. Korrupted (jeans not included)
94. BODY DOUBLES (shape)
91. The WaxworX (shape)
88. ::Modish:: (skin)

85. Wertina (skin)
83. Shape It Up! (shape)
77. AKERUKA (skin)
70. ANATOMY (shape, eyes)
66. Ultimate Shapes (shape)

52. Dulce Secrets (skins)

63. NOVUS Studios (shape)
59. KamreK Creations (shape)
98. EnvyMe (skin)
82. Birth Store
68. Evolution Ink

74. .:mE.Jewelry Design:.
86. PA Designe
100. Baby Monkey Shoes
64. Dino's Bootique
56. Kennedy's

51. oOo Studio (poses)
89. Poses and Props (animated pose)
81. Icons of Style (multiple pose prop)
96. Frozen (poses)

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