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Tuesday, April 10

Werewolf In Love Hunt

Werewolf In Love
Second Life has a thriving designer/hunt community, and this hunt is a shining example of what people can accomplish when they pull together to help each other. The Werewolf in Love hunt was planned as a surprise for JoseDiego Silverspur, aka Pup P. Garou. JD has been an active participant in the SL hunt scene for quite some time, in addition to being captain of the Relay for Life Meiville team. The coordinators managed to keep this hunt a secret from him (hence no in-world group or official blog site) as a thank you for all his hard work and to help give him a little support in his own endeavors. The hunt items themselves are free, but each store has a red hydrant set up which is for donations, as JD is currently living with his own medical issues. Donations are not required to do the hunt, but if you have a few linden to spare, they are truly appreciated.

The hunt itself was a pleasure to do. At 30 stores, it was a comfortable size to do in an evening. There were no breaks in the hunt path and there were some pretty amazing stores taking part. A few times, we had to remind ourselves that we were hunting as we got sidetracked exploring some of these locations! Its a fun hunt with some great gifts and a chance to do something nice for someone, so come on out and do a little Werewolf in Love hunting.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!

~Shadowed & Thanos

April 1 - April 30

N/A - Werewolf In Love Hunt has no official blog or in-world group, but hunters who need help can join the Historical Hunts group


Search for item: Wolf head

Number of stores:

Problems at the time I went through:
We had no problem getting through this hunt. There were 2 stores with bonus gifts to find in addition to the regular hunt gifts.

14. Top Katz
21. AdelleArts Manor Fashions
26. Destiny's Designs (both outfits have mesh tops)

25. Silk Dreams Fashions
11. Goddess Fantasies Roleplay Clothing
10. 2Kill4 (jeans not included)
29. Twisted Ink

11. Goddess Fantasies Roleplay Clothing
18. Ziva's Underground Footware
1. Pop Tart & Urban Assault (both pairs of boots are mesh and you will probably want to use a different alpha layer with the female boots)
2. Unrepentant

4. Tamiron Forge
5. Always Eclectic
6. The Jewellery Exchange
19. Designs by Sebastion

9. Suki's Silken Fashion
15. Roawenwood
27. Raven's Heart
22. FL Designs
8. Mimsy Manor

24. Darkfold Designs Bike Store (there is a second gift hidden at the store in addition to this one)
23. heap! cardboard box living
20. Texture Junction
28. VM Detail & Design
17. Amulet

3. Dark Vision
30. Mobius Creations

13. Crazy Cake Creations

16. AXO's

7. Bloodsmoore Inc

30. Mobius Creations (The hunt gift contains a riddle which leads you to 2 bonuses which contain these outfits and a few other gifts).

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