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Friday, May 4

WGD Nightstalker Hunt

WGD Nightstalker Hunt
May 22nd is World Goth Day and in honor of that, the good folks of the Crossover Hunts are bringing us the World Goth Day Nightstalker Hunt, which is running for the month of May. There will be other events held throughout the month, including a goth fair and special events at Club Gothika. This hunt was a fun one for us to do. For one thing, we love all things dark and gothy. For another, we love having new-to-us stores to explore and this hunt was rife with them. And finally, we know the amount of work and attention to detail the Crossover Hunt folks put into their hunts (they also host the annual Gothmas by Gaslight hunt), so we were excited to hear about this new venture.

We did the hunt on the night it kicked off and as with all hunts, there were a few snafus along the way. The coordinators are aware of the issues and on top of getting them sorted out. There are no hints, but the official blog does have a listing of all the stores and Slurls, as well as any known issues still being ironed out. Also, some of the stops are on adult sims, so you can navigate around them by using the blog if you are not adult-verified. The gifts were fantastic. The designers really put some effort into creating unique, beautiful builds for this hunt.

We definitely recommend this hunt and look forward to seeing them host it again next year.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!

~Shadowed & Thanos


May 1 - May 31



Search for item: Gothy face prim


Number of stores:


Problems at the time we went through:
There are a handful of stores who still are not ready; the coordinators are aware and the official blog is being updated as problems are cleared.

37. LnL Square
1. Dare Designs (mesh)
6. Avatar Bizarre
32. Rockoil

36. Wild Serenity
27. Blue Blood
10. Black Arts
45. Never Ever

5. Deviant Designs
11. Inspired Designs
17. House of Rain (mesh)
4. :{MV}:

14. Gothic Toys
25. Hooligan Streetwear
13. CoLLisions
28. Snow Bound

22. KOSH
30. Chaos, Panic & Disorder
2. moxie
19. Immateria

35. Love Zombie
20. Impaled & Dragon's Flair
8. Amaranthus

2. moxie
29. Les sucreries de Fairy
15. Whims & Wishes

31. Dark 7 (mesh)
20. Impale & Dragon's Flair
23. The Elegant Goth (mesh)
39. Athy Designs

46. By Nacht (some parts mesh)
24. The Fooding (mesh)
21. Virtual Alchemy Photography (smaller frame is mesh)

14. Gothic Toys
26. Girl Not Included (full perms, mesh, comes untextured)
3. Howling Creations

47. Damned Good Design SL (mesh)
41. Urban Forge Virtuatecture (mesh)
18. Curvasive Designs

28. Snow Bound

42. Post Mortum Designs

38. Demon Designs by Lilith

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