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Wednesday, July 11

Animania, SL Style!

Well I couldn’t have been more excited about the topic for today’s post. Shadowed and I often have long debates about what the best Anime is. The two biggies, for us at least, are Naruto Shippuden and Bleach. I have watched every episode of both Naruto/Naruto Shippuden and my own opinion is that it is the best one. The fights are epic, the characters are well developed (Go Kakashi!) and there are some really good twists along the way.

Shadowed here. While Thanos’ #1 anime is, and always will be, Naruto Shippuden - my personal boat gets floated by Bleach. I am a total Bleach junkie. I love the stories, I love the characters, I love swords and their abilities. Yes, if you haven’t guessed, those “debates” grow heated at times as we each try to convince the other that “our” anime is best! Bleach is #1!! ~ducks and runs as Thanos takes back the keyboard~

For our Naruto picture, we decided that we would make characters in the theme of the show, not based on any real characters. I am a big fan of the shadowy group of rogue ninja known as the Akatsuki, so we created ninja that might fit in with them (for those in the know, the red floral pattern on our outfits are a dead giveaway, which Shadow loves to point out - why would a stealthy ninja group pick an outfit that says they are in said group?). We have been known to bop around the grid in our Akatsuki gear from time to time, chopping our way to bloody glory!!

Truth be told, I have become a big fan of Bleach as well (although it’s still in second place) and found the Hueco Mundo storyline to be especially cool, with the bonus of maybe the worlds cutest character Nel Tu Odelscwank, and several seasons worth of awesome battles, this truly was a contender for the title of top Anime. Much as we go back and forth, we love them both, and the outfits are from our top characters. Ichigo is ready to throw down in hollow form against the icy cool Ulquiorra, and as fans of the show know this is a top shelf battle for the fate of the world.

So we hope you enjoy our version of Anime SL style and make sure you pick up those cool outfits in the upcoming SL Freebie Hunters hunt and you too can be a member/foe of Soul Society.

Thanos Darkfury

Style Card Info:

Skin: Miasnow Skin “Muerto Miguel tear”

Eyes: Lightning Flash Shop " Mangenkyou Sasuke"

Hair: Emo-tions “Rick - black”

Jacket and Shirt: [Shroom] “Akatsuki Coat”

Hidden Leaf Headband, Shoes, Undershirt, Gloves: Are all part of the full outfit “Itachi Uchiha” outfit from Menora

Sword: Brutal Weapons HQ “I-Disperser”

Shape: Shadow's own, unavailable

Hair: Keelee Designs "Cholie - Black Violet" (color tinted by Shadow)

Eyes: Repulse "Living Dead Eyes"

Skin: Belleza "Melissa"

Makeup: Glamorize "Smoke Chic eyes"

Robe: Ninjalite "Akatsuki robe" created by Lucien Uriza - was available on marketplace a few months ago, but I could not find it when I looked for the link and the creator profile suggests he has left SL.

Outfit under the robe: *Designs "Anbu outfit" (former hunt gift) - includes clothing, bandages, face mask, shoes

Headband: Sinister Designs "Hidden Rain headband"
Martketplace, 50L

Katanas: Nekolution "Black Destruction" (scripted!!)
Marketplace, 1L

Style Card Info:

Hair: Tukinowaguma

Skin: Akeruka Halloween Galadriel Skin group gift

Mask: [Lanevo] Full Hollow Mask

Shoes: Sweetaholic for men (Part of the Kimono 16 outfit)

Ichigo Bankai outfit - Dark Water Designs “Shinigami Outfit”
Outfit will be available as part of the hunt gift in the upcoming SL Freebie Hunter Birthday Bash Hunt.

Zangetsu (Ichigo's Sword): #1 Manga World Shop

Shape: Shadow's own, unavailable

Hair: Ayashi - "Kaname", black

Eyes: EDDES - HD "Lemon Blue n Green"

Skin: The Little Bat "Molly Gloomy" (World Goth Fair item)

Outfit: Dark Water Designs "Cuatra Espada"
Outfit will be available as part of the hunt gift in the upcoming SL Freebie Hunter Birthday Bash Hunt (includes the facial tattoo).

Shoes: [:SdS:] Samurai Sandals "Waraji"
Marketplace, 65L
(The shoes come in a gorgeous tan woven straw rope texture that looks fantastic with my other asian themed outfits, but for this picture, in the interest of matching as closely to the anime costume as possible, I retextured them with a white woven texture.)

Katanas: Nekolution "Black Destruction" (scripted!!)
Marketplace, 1L

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