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Wednesday, July 18

Happy Home Hunt

Happy Home Hunt
We haven't done a home furnishing/decor hunt in a while, so we were excited to hear about the Happy Home Hunt going on from now until August 15th. There are 45 stores taking part and we were thrilled to see some new-to-us locations to explore in the line up. You do need a HUD to do this hunt - the hidden gifts will not give a folder unless you are wearing the HUD. HUDs can be obtained at the first location on the hunt, NightMaire Textures & More, for 1L. All the hidden gifts are free. There is an in-world group and there is a listing of stores, SLurls and hints in their online blog.

We had a lot of fun on this one - at 45 stores (and NO breaks in the hunt path!), we were able to get through it in an evening or two, which makes for a nice way to kill a few hours, see some great places and get some pretty cool looking loot. Grab your best hunt buddy and head on out on the Happy Home Hunt path. These designers and coordinators did a great job in pulling together a truly enjoyable hunt.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!

~Shadowed & Thanos

July 15 - August 15



Search for item: Strawberry Pie
Number of stores:

Problems at the time we went through:
There is one skip on the hunt path, plus 2 bonus stores whose SLurls are on the blog page, not in the last folder.

15. PePU
12. Shadow Dreams
21. BagLady Design

43. Step inSide
10. Casa Bella
41. Gingers Outdoor

31. COZI
3. JJ Lanes
1. NightMaire Textures & More

16. Wings of Enchantment
40. Prism Furniture

28. Pillows & Things
25. Senzafine
38. Hearth & Home

34. T R I D E N T
23. ALBO Products
39. Sheds n Shacks
14. Happy Homes
35. IN habitation

13. Imagine Flowers and Garden
8. Grumble
11. SFW Industries
6. Mountain Jim's Trees & More

26. PDN's Potpourri
9. M&M Deco
32. Closer to the Heart Creations
27. Sere's Bunnnies & Pufflings

17. Black Tulip
20. Finishing Touches
36. ChiC Buildings
4. Kucinta
33. RoseHaven Designs

44. Eric's Art Gallery
7. Stitches Creations
15. PePU
45. Shabby Shack

2. Dench Designs
37. Botanica
30. Aphrodite Shop

22. Troofy
5. Tahby Photography
29. Evolutions Underground V2 (sculpt maps)

19. GB Homes
15. PePU

24. Luna Bliss Home & Garden


  1. Thanks for the review.


  2. #24 is amazing!

  3. Thank you for blogging this hunt. I have a quick question, where did you get that dress that you were wearing?

    1. Hi there - the dress is from ~Sassy!~, I am not logged into SL atm, so I can't give you the exact design name or SLurl, but they are easy to find in search, and the dress comes in a ton of colors - I have about 3 or 4 of them! =)