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Friday, January 11

Thugs, Studs & Gentlemen 2013 Hunt

Thugs, Studs & Gentlemen 2013 Hunt

We have a little bit of a different way of showing this hunt for you guys. One of our readers, who has asked that we not post his name and instead call him "an over-achieving reader of the blog", was gracious enough to do the Thugs, Studs & Gentlemen 2013 hunt and take pictures of the items for us. I was surprised, touched and thrilled to log into SL and get his NC with all the info and post stuffs. So, THANK YOU, Oh Over-Achieving Reader! =)

The Thugs, Studs & Gentlemen Hunt is a short (20 stores), fun hunt that can give a guy some great wardrobe basics. This hunt will appeal to new residents who need to start building a wardrobe and guys who want to have at least a few conventional outfits in their inventory. TSGH does not have a website, but the hunt sign at the starting location (M.O.B.) gives an up-to-date notecard with the LM and hint for each participating store. There is also a hunt group (Thugs Studs & Gentlemen Social group). The hunt proceeds smoothly (I finished it in under 2 hours), but having the hunt notecard is essential. Many of the gifts come boxed from stores which do not allow rezzing, so sometimes it is difficult to get the LM for the next hunt stop without the notecard. A couple of the hunt locations are in Adult regions

NOTE: There is no picture for #14 -- {{Imajicas G-Spot}} Gestures -- because the gift was two gestures that contain sound and chat components only.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!

When:  Jan. 7-28, 2013
Group Join (copy/paste into SL local chat):   secondlife:///app/group/2be649a6-0411-d275-e649-2d785d2b4eae/about
Start: M.O.B
Search for item:
Number of stores: 20
Problems at the time the hunt was done: Store 6 is a skip.

2. 69 Park Ave GQ
13. ModaMia
18. Vero Modera Fashion

3. Lash-ware (skin)
4. Peer Style (pants with 2 pocket styles)
19. Sin Original

1. M.O.B (top only)
7. Mesh Theory (top only)
8. Rispetto Designs (top only)
10. Inside-Out (top only)

11. Moonlight Pointe Creations
12. American Bazaar (jeans not included)
15. Loordes of London (jeans not included)
17. Lil' Gem's

5. Tori's Stylez (bracelets)
10. Inside-Out (tatoo, wristwatch)
16. ::Fe Style::
20. Latreia Foot Fashions

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  1. YES! Hunts are back! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!