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Friday, April 12

Mr. Hunter, April '13

Mr. Hunter

Hunts for guys are rare enough that it's worth doing the ones that do come along from start to finish. The fourth edition of the Mr. Hunter Hunt, which runs until April 30, has 35 stores (well, 34 if you take into account the one that dropped out and was a Skip) offering some great gifts. Organizer Lasher Spiritor made it a requirement that the prizes all be male fashion items. A few of the stores have unisex gifts, but really this hunt is strictly for guys.

Mesh clothing is becoming increasingly common in Second Life, and the men's designers are not far behind the women's designers in taking advantage of the fit and texturing capabilities of mesh. The vast majority of the prizes in this hunt are mesh, and aside from a few body alpha layers that were not well matched to the clothing, these prizes are well made. Many are certainly a welcome change from the black-on-black color schemes of so much men's clothing. If you don't know a lot about how mesh clothing works and how it interacts with your avatar's shape, you'll find that many of the designers in this hunt provide useful information on sizing and avatar shape adjustments that will help make mesh work for you.

The hunt proceeded smoothly, the biggest challenge being that the brown pipe hunt object tends to blend in very well with wood and stone textures making it hard to spot even if the hint gets you to the right part of the store. The hints were mostly helpful with only a few stores having hints that seemed to have little or nothing to do with where the item was located. The Mr. Hunter Hunt is well worth the time. Cheers, and Happy Hunting!

~ G.

When:  April 1-30, 2013
Official Site: Mr. Hunter

In-Game Group:  secondlife:///app/group/ad6311f0-3553-b30d-c682-33a55f622bdb/about

Search for item:


Number of stores:  35

Problems at the time I went through:  #23 was a skip when I did the hunt.

1. Lash Ware
2. Peer Style
6. DragonLady's Closet

7. Fe Style
8. Shiki Designs

12.  Shadow Moon
13. Ayna
14. Carrie's Lingerie
15. K-Ks Designs
17. Reila Skins & Fashion

16. Kracker (currently closed for renovations, gift can be found in adjoining K-Ks Designs store)
19. Lil'Gems

20. Grumble

21. Sour Pickles
22. Image Essentials

24. Diamondz Beauty
25. NOISE House of the Obscene
26. Clothes Culture

27.  FashionNatic
28. BMC
30. Boddies by Bobby

33. Ais Ink
29. Oooo LaLa Jewelers
34. Latreia Foot Fashion

31. Cherry Bomb
32. SHEY Women and Men Couture
35. Rispetto Designs

9. Cysleek Design
10. Aidoru
3. Loordes of London
11. LnL Square

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