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Tuesday, May 21

Officially Licensed Band Shirts are here!!

The big buzz over at the World Goth Fair right now is that the band shirts have been released!! You can find them on both sims - at Cursed, they are located in the Gothika Abby, behind the Gothika mobile club area and at Port Seraphine, you can find them on the Gothika kiosk.

What makes these shirts special and worth all the fuss? They are VERY LIMITED edition shirt which have been fully licensed by the bands represented on them. This was no small feat for the Fair coordinators to pull off, and was a really amazingly wonderful thing for the bands to agree to. The shirts are being sold as 40L gacha items, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.  The shirts have band logos on the front and S.O.P.H.I.E. logos on the back.

They have been selling like crazy and apparently there is a thriving trade business going on to get specific shirts! Once the Fair ends, so does availability - so be sure to drop in and get yours before May 31st.



Abney Park
Angels of Liberty
Antigen Shift
Calling All Astronauts
Dutch Order
Faces of Sarah
Flesh Eating Foundation
Grooving in Green
The Jesus Cleaver
Kommunity FK
Last Cry
Last July
March Violets
Mekano Set
Model Kaos
New Zero God
Pretentious, Moi?
Section II
Strap-On Halo
You Shriek

Event Info:  

When:  May 15 - May 31

Online Site/Slurl info: World Goth Fair

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