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Friday, July 26

Boats & Bikinis Event

The good folks who hosted the Under the Sea event are back again, this time bringing us the Boats & Bikini Expo! The sim-wide event is following the same format as the under the Sea event: In addition to the expo shops set up and filled with all kinds of good stuff, there is a hunt as well, giving you the chance to score some great free items.

We visited the sim just before it was open to the public and so we didn't grab any photos yet (some of the designers were still setting up and we didn't want to get in the way!) but we can give you an idea of what to expect. The landing point is a covered pavilion set on the docks in the center of the sim. There are 4 pathways across the water to the ring of shops surrounding the expo area. The water is filled with all kinds of ships and watercraft (some you can hop on and ride and some you can go inside of and explore!). The expo set up is very cute - it reminded me of summer vacations spent in beachside places, where you can wander from one little tourist shop to another.

 If you are interested in the hunt, find your way to the Hanalei Tourism Office to get started - you are looking for suitcases, and each one contains the clue to find the next, so no skipping!

We did manage to score some sneek peek items (both hunt gifts and items available for sale) so you can get an idea of what to expect.

Finally - our apologies on the photo quality. I just switched to the new Firestorm with the whatever it is to keep me able to see avs (thank you LL for breaking more stuff), and I have not yet gotten all the settings tweaked for the best images with my system. Its a work in progress. =)

SLurl to Event: Hanalei Sim 
Official Blog: http://sandseaandsecondlife.wordpress.com/
Event Dates: July 25th to July 31st


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