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Sunday, September 1

Twisted Carnival, Fall 2013

Something Wicked This Way Comes...

 The childhood smells of cotton candy and popcorn lingers in the air. Muted musical cadences drift in the distance, accompanied by swirling lights against the night sky. The Carnival has come to town! Only...something is not quite right. There is a faint underlying stench of rotted sweetness, like meat that has gone bad, a stench that grows as you move closer to the carnival entrance. The people don't look quite right; too pale maybe, or that fey expression in their eyes? There are odd shadows moving just beyond your peripheral sight as you get close enough to see the looming tents. Curiosity takes hold of you and against your better judgement, you pay for your ticket and the smirking woman at the entrance gestures for you to pass through the turnstile. You are quite positive you didn't see her lips move, but you swear you heard her murmur as you entered, "Welcome to the Twisted Carnival..."

That's right, folks...Twisted Carnival is here and you are all invited to come visit! Roughly 129 truly warped and twisted merchants are taking part in this round of the Twisted Hunt and their imaginations have taken flight with the Carnival theme - fair warning, if you have clown issues, you might want to sit this one out! In addition to the hunt prizes to be found at each location, many of the merchants have also set up gachas, mini hunts within their stores, carnival games, and have tons of extras and special sale events going on for the hunt duration. Provided you make it through all 129 stores and whatever wickedness the merchants have awaiting you, you will then face the End Game - which is also loaded with gifts, a gacha area, and the chance to earn the oh-so-coveted "Twisted Survivor" tags for yourself.

We'll be showcasing some of the prizes, gifts and extras over the next few days - keep in mind, however, that some merchants swap out bonus and extra gifts periodically throughout the hunt. Best of luck, intrepid hunters, and may your dreams be filled with hungry cubes and maniacal clown laughter.

Official Site: Twisted Hunt Blog
Hunt Dates: September 1-30, 2013
Start Location:  Twisted HQ

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