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Tuesday, March 4

Twisted Hunt: Magic, pt. 2

And we're back with a second installment of the magical goodness that is the Twisted Hunt: Magic!  This round of Twisted is proving to be one of the best in a while.  The theme is fantastic, the color rocks, and the gifts are just amazing.  Everything either glows, showers sparkles, or is interactive one way or another.  There are fortune tellers, invocation circles, glittery dragons, even some pretty amazing clothing with glow options and neat features.

The side games and hunts have been pretty incredible as well - the side hunt at Xtreme Designs seems to be the game to beat this year.  I've personally spent several hours working on it, and so far have only managed to uncover 2 of the 6 hidden prizes, so if anyone is looking for me in SL for the foreseeable future, that's where I'll be.  Just look for the woman quietly mumbling to herself as she staggers along, "I know the damn thing is here somewhere...."!

Cheers and Happy Hunting!

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  1. You are fabulous for blogging the prize items for this hunt, thank you!