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Thursday, May 15

World Goth Fair 2014 has begun!

Its that time again, gothlings, creepers and you folks who go bump in the night: the annual Cursed Events World Goth Fair has kicked off in Second Life! The fair is huge, the charity is one that definitely deserves your lindens, and the planned events promise to be fantastic.

Here's a quick rundown of World Goth Fair's history: The event is a charity fair held every May in Second Life to benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. Sophie was a young girl who was killed for being goth. For being different. Her family established the charity following her death with the goals of creating a legacy for their daughter, to provide education that challenges the prejudices and intolerance towards people who do not fit into "mainstream" culture, and to change the hate crime laws in the UK to include people like Sophie. (For more information, go HERE.)

Last year's Goth Fair raised just over 1M lindens (roughly $3,800.00 USD) in donations through your purchases for the charity. This year promises to be even better, so please come on out and see what's there - this is a really good cause!

The WGF will run from May 15th until June 1, 2014. The vendors are spread out over 3 sims: Cursed, Sium and Port Seraphine. Each vendor has at least one item which is earmarked for the charity, many have more than one. A lot of this stuff is exclusive to the event, meaning once the Fair closes, you won't see it again.

For those who enjoy gachas, Sium has a lovely murky pond filled with gacha machines - just don't mind the tentacles as you wade through it! The gachas are also set to donate towards the charity, so keep trying for that one specific item you have your eye on!

Club Gothika has its mobile unit set up on Cursed and will be running a full day of gothy musical goodness on May 22nd (World Goth Day), including hosted events such as Best in Black, Best in Vampire, Best in Red, Best in Dead, Best in Cyber and Best in Goth. There will be prizes, but so far I haven't managed a peek at what they might be. Based on the prize packs last year, expect some pretty amazing things!

And last, but not least...the vendors. Holy shiznit! Last year rocked, but this year blows the roof off! I am literally drowning in blogger packs and working as fast as I can to get all the pretties unpacked and photographed, but I am barely keeping up with the new arrivals. I'll be posting over the next few days as I get it all sorted out, so stay tuned for much, much more!

You can find the official World Goth Fair blog HERE.

There is a list of which stores are on which sim HERE.

The SLurls to each of the sims are as follows:


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