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Thursday, March 19

Twisted Finale

Twisted S'15

Its roughly the halfway point of the current Twisted Hunt, and we've got one last post full of prizes and things to entice you if you have not already begun the hunt.

Here is a quick recap if you have been living under a rock in SL for the last 6+ years:  
  • This is the 13th Twisted hunt to hit the grid.  There are over 80 stores taking part this time, plus the End Game.
  • You are hunting for an ectoplasm colored lament cube (also refered to as invisateal - its a kind of tealish grey color) which is translucent.  Yep, they went and did it, a translucent cube!
  • Hunt the store, find the cube, move to the next, rinse and repeat.  There are a maximum of 10 visible decoys in each store (decoy means identical to the prize cube - this does not include cubes that are linked, resized, retextured or otherwise altered; those are considered decorations).
  • Have "ooh, shiny!" moments over the side hunts, extra prizes, gachas, sales, and other special stuffs that the merchants have waiting for you along the hunt path.
  • The Twisted group chat is the place for hints and commiseration from other hunters.
  • All store LMs are available on the Twisted website (under the Participating Merchants tab) if a store proves too difficult and you need to skip it.

This is the hardest hunt in SL, folks, and that reputation is rightly earned - this hunt is not for the faint of heart.  Every store has been checked and approved by the Twisted staff as being within the rules of the hunt.

Happy Hunting and best of luck earning your Twisted Survivor tags!


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