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Friday, November 6

Firestorm Spooky Nights Hunt - Wicked Path

Oooooh boy, have we got a hunt for you die-hard enthusiasts! The Firestorm Spooky Nights Hunt is going on right now in SL and we are having a blast with it. There are 5 paths to the hunt, spread out over 5 interconnected sims with roughly 150 prizes to be found. We have successfully completed 4 of the 5 paths as of this posting and are working on the last one. (Dear SL, enough with the unscheduled maintenance, its eating into hunt time!) The hunt hint page on the Firestorm site (link below) has hints for each of the 5 paths, but one thing to aware of is WHERE your av actually is on the sims. Its very easy to cross a sim line and be looking for item from path A on the sim for path C. Nothing will make you crazier than chasing a hint from path 2 on the sim for path 4!

You are hunting for skulls marked with the Firestorm phoenix - and this is not anything like your typical store hunt. You will find them anywhere and everywhere: between rocks, up in trees, hidden in houses, underwater, etc. Sometimes the clues are very helpful, other times you may find yourself wandering the sim tearing your hair out. There are also a ton of people out doing this hunt at any given time, so you may find yourself in a crowd as you search - which means BE KIND to other hunters and leave your heavily scripted stuff at home to do your part to help keep the lag down. Each path has roughly 30 items to find, so if you break it up like we did and work on one path at a time, you should be able to get through it without running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to keep track of what items from which path you have.

We are posting the paths separately simply because it is easier for us to keep track of what we have and have not done and we are also posting them in the order we hunted them - we path hopped to avoid the crush of folks on the first path the day we started. Here is a look at the prizes you can get on the Wicked path.

Event Info
Dates of Event: October 31st - November 30th
Slurl to Event: Wicked Path

Happy Hunting!


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