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Friday, February 12

Suck It, Cupid! Event

Suck It Cupid Event 
Hold onto your hearts, folks - we are veering off our usual blogging path to take a little anti-valentine's detour. We don't usually blog an event before it opens to the public, but we are making an exception for the Suck It Cupid, Event happening at Xtreme Designs over Valentine's Day weekend.

The festivities kick of on February 13th with a multi-designer hunt in the Xtreme Designs main store. There are over 25 little "Suck It" icons hidden in the store, filled with prizes from over 20 different merchants, all free for the finding. The hunt portion of this event will run both February 13th and February 14th.

In addition, Xtreme Designs is hosting a Suck It, Cupid costume party in their skyboxed Anti-Cupid Club. The party starts February 13th at 6PM SLT with DJ Sunny McMuffins and continues until 10PM SLT with DJ Ghost at the helm for the final 2 hours. There will be music, games, give aways, and cash prizes for best costumes.

So if you are at a loose end this Valentine's Day, instead of sitting home and drowning your solo-ness in ice cream and Netflix marathons, come on over and play!

Event Info
Hunt Dates: February 13th and 14th (they added an extra day just because they're nice like that!)
Hunt Location: Xtreme Designs mainstore
Costume Party: February 13th, 6PM-10PM SLT
Party Location: TPs will be available from Xtreme Designs mainstore on the day of the event

Good luck and happy hunting!


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