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Saturday, October 1

Moon Festival 2016

-Moon_Festival- 2016 


For those of you who are seeking something a little different from the usual October spook event, have I got a treat for you! The Moon Festival 2016 event is starting October 1st at the Spirit sim. This is an Asian-themed event inspired by the Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival offering an occasion for reunions with friends and families, celebration of the harvest season, a chance to eat mooncakes and go moon-gazing. The event coordinators have done a beautiful job putting together a gorgeous setting for the event - a big, beautiful moon filled sky overlooking a tranquil natural setting complete with gardens, a pier to fish from, a village setting filled with shops and stalls, a food court and game area, even larger homes for entire families to celebrate together.

scenery1 scenery2 scenery3 scenery4 scenery5

So whether you like shopping or are just looking for a unique, charming place to wander and explore, this is an event you do not want to miss. I was fortunate enough to get a peek at some of what the designers who are participating in the Moon Festival have put out and there are some truly exquisite items available. Each store or stall has at least one item exclusive for the event. In addition to the normal shopping, there are food stands with all kinds of free goodies you can try as well as games throughout the village area which can be played for prizes.

Event Information
Dates: October 1st through 14th
Location: Spirit Sim

Hope to see you there!




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