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Tuesday, October 4

The Nightmare Event

The Nightmare Event 

Halloween is hands down my favorite time of year, both in and out of Second Life. I tend to let all other matters slide a bit for the month so that I can indulge in all the wonderful spooky events going on throughout October. Last night, I was able to spend some time and work my way through The Nightmare Event.

This was a pretty fun way to spend an evening - there is a shopping event going on at the sim, and in the center of the shopping kiosks there is a teleport to the Nightmare Hunt. The basis is simple: grab a hud and flashlight then work your way through the haunted walkthrough. Along the way, you will collect keys and teeth, be quizzed on ghoulish topics, and have to find your way back out. The hud automatically tracks which keys you have and how many teeth you find. Once you find all 25 teeth, you can go back to the shopping area on the sim and the completed hud entitles you to a TON of free gifts set out by the designers taking part in the sale.

It took me two times through the whole thing to get all the teeth, and I will admit there was a time or two when I died along the way. In the end, however, I did collect all the keys and teeth and was able to pick up the lovely hunt gifts. There were a few shops without a gift out yet and a few coming soon signs, so there will be a few more surprises other than what I can show in this post.

Event Information
Dates: The month of October
Location: Wolfs Wood Sim

Happy Hunting!


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