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Monday, May 8

FaMESHed - 5th Anniversary Event


FaMEShed has been a long-running, mesh-only event in SL, showcasing some of the finest mesh designers and their unique creations since 2012. This year marks their 5th anniversary and they are celebrating with a blow-out event featuring over 70 designers. While the event is totally worth a visit simply to get your hands on some of the beautiful creations they have come up with, there is the added incentive of presents. Lots of presents. Lots of free presents for you, the shopper, to help celebrate their 5th birthday!

The event is packed (it took me several days to be able to get in), and while in most cases I would recommend going in full alpha mode to help keep the lag down, if you plan on trying any of the demos for clothing or hair before purchasing, you might just want to strip your av down to the bare essentials. I went in invisible-mode, and ended up having to find a quiet spot to put my av back on so I could try some hair and a few dresses - not the easiest feat with people rubber-banding all over the place, but so worth it for the goodies I both bought and scooped up free. =)

You do need group tags for the gifts and the group join fee is free as well. All the logistic details are down below, as well as pictures of the free gifts I was lucky enough to pick up.

Event Information
Official Blog:FaMESHed
Dates: May 1st (runs through the month of May)
Location: FaMESHed

Happy Shopping!

fameshed1 fameshed2 fameshed3 fameshed4 fameshed5 fameshed6 fameshed7 fameshed8 fameshed9 fameshed10 fameshed11 fameshed12 fameshed13 fameshed14 fameshed15 fameshed16

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