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Monday, July 17

Faboo Summer Hunt

faboo hunt sign
Woo-Hoo! I hit the ultimate summer jackpot! Faboo, known for their gorgeous swimwear, has opened up their sim for a couple weeks with the "Faboo Summer Hunt". This was a lot of fun to do and I now have a complete swimsuit wardrobe for pretty much every beach/pool/look-how-sexy-I-am summer occasion that might pop up.

There are 30 little sand piles for the ladies and 10 for the gents, complete with pirate treasure chests, hidden around the Faboo home sim. Teleport over, put on your group tags (free to join), and get yourself a NC from the hunt sign at the landing point. It has all the clues you need and those spots with both a male and female sand pile are marked with an asterisk (*), so you male hunters out there can pick and choose which clues to follow so you don't end up with a closet of bathing suits. Unless, of course, that's your thing! =)

The clues are pretty good - some were easy to find and others took a little ferreting around, but the sim is gorgeous - everything from a modern city block to a houseboat to a hobbit-themed cottage and a Ferris wheel is there, so you definitely won't get bored wandering around chasing sand piles. The group join is free, the gifts are free, so really there is no reason not to go check it out.

I have not included photos of the many HUDs that come with the gifts. Almost every item has a HUD giving you multiple textures for the swim suits and other clothing items, so if you like a style but aren't sure about the color as shown in my photos below, chances are pretty good you can change it up yourself once you find it on the hunt.

Event Information
Official Flickr: Faboo
Dates: July 16th - 31st
Start/Location: Style Central sim

Happy Hunting!


faboo1 faboo2 faboo3 faboo4 faboo5 faboo6 faboo7 faboo8 faboo9 faboo10 faboo11 faboo12 faboo13

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