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Thursday, July 6

Hair Fair 2017 Gifts


We are about 6 days into this year's Hair Fair Event and I thought I would bring a peek at some of the great hair gifts these oh-so talented designers have set out for the event. These are just the gifties - there are literally hundreds of hair styles available for purchase, so if you love hair (and who doesnt?), be sure to check out their official blog for pictures of just what you can shop for as well.

There is also information on their blog about joining the Hair Fair demo group. This is a great group to be in - you get demo copies of all the hair fair hair before the event, so you can sit home and try on stuff without fighting crowds or lag before you ever get to the event. I spent 2 days on my work platform playing with all the fantastic offerings before I narrowed down the ones I had to have and headed off to shop the event itself.

Most of the gifts came as a fatpack, so the colors shown here are not the only colors you get - there were just too many color huds to photograph them all for inclusion. I also did not include the hairs I bought for personal use, but I have to give a shout out to Argrace: I adore their hair, I wear it a lot of the time, and their hairs this round of hair fair are amazing! Not for every day use, but for photography stuffs, a must have (wet hair wrapped in a towel, tousled hair spread out on the pillows as you sleep, and even a shampooing hair with animations so you can "wash" your hair when worn!).

There was cam shopping when I visited the Hair Fair sims, but it looks like those spots are closed now per their blog. I have included the 4 landing points for the 4 sims that comprise the actual Fair, so you should have no trouble getting in to do a little shopping of your own.

Event Information
Official Blog: Hair Fair
Dates: July 1 - 16th
Start/Locations: Noirette    Redhead    Brunette    Blonde

Happy Shopping!


HF2017_1 HF2017_2 HF2017_4 HF2017_3 HF2017_5 HF2017_6 HF2017_7 HF2017_8 HF2017_9

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