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Thursday, March 3

Twisted Spring 2011 "Nevermore": 101-150

Twisted Spring 2011 Hunt
Here's the second installment of the fantastic gifts from this spring's Twisted Hunt. This is NOT a hunt for the faint hearted - the vendors have really outdone themselves this time around with upping the ante on good hunt skills! As always, though, the gifts are totally worth it and the hunt itself has been a lot of fun. I enjoy the challenge, and despite the head-banging-on-my-desk moments, this remains one of my all-time favorite SL hunts. Grab your buddies, take a valium, and jump into the madness!

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


Problems at the time I went through:
115-Nekophiliac, 117-Tw@ttyC@ke, 130-Inspired, 141-RnB Designs Furniture

106. Campalicious!
149. Sinful Pleasures
142. .:Demonic Designs:. (pants not included)

110. Sassy!
128. +Sakura's Originals+
104. Devil's Trade

105. House of RFyre (top not included)
134. Gothic Demon
121. ::Poised::
133. Asteria Creations

107. B[u]Y Me (skin, tattoo layer, eyes)
111. Love Zombie
123. U&R Dogs

108. Misera (skins, tattoo layer)

127. Dulce Secrets (skins)

148. Leonine Fantasy Avatars & Accessories (skins)

101. Battle Angel (hair comes in multiple colors)
113. Obsidian
104. Devil's Trade

136. SD Wears
103. A-Bomb
120. Sacred Roses
131. Lolapop!

128. +Sakura's Originals+
132. Magically Aluring
143. Besieged

102. She's So Unusual Shoes
147. ::{Favole}:: (mask and wings)
150. [hate this]
139. Gothic Desires (male and female tails)

126. The Crossing
135. Trident
138. Wisent-Animations

119. gilded (walking anim - there are 2 other gifts at the store for those with sharp eyes!)
114. SexySyns Clothing and Captivating Creations
116. Khargo: Grunge
146. [M]
144. *Finishing Touches*

129. Shelter Homes Main Store
122. Oddment
124. @~~~Bloodmyst~~~@

140. The Fooding
137. Kozy Kitty
145. Dolome Designs

125. Aster's Builts

118. Black Cat Bones

109. Urban Forge Virtutatecture

112. Sculpted bullshiticous/Twisted creations (skybox, 400+ prims)

139. Gothic Desires (skybox)


  1. Great! Thank you very much. Your help is invaluable!

  2. you missed two of the prizes at gilded... send me a notecard "Kras Alter And i'll send them to you... i know it may be to late to blog.