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Wednesday, March 2

Twisted Spring 2011 "Nevermore": 50-100

Twisted Spring 2011 Hunt
Its that time of year again, kiddies, and the +DV8+ coordinators are bringing you the awesome Twisted Spring 2011 Hunt "Nevermore". The vendors have outdone themselves this time around, and this is SERIOUSLY not a hunt you want to miss! The evilest minds in SL have been working overtime to bring you some absolutely incredible store setups including mazes, riddles, and more. The gifts are phenomenal and so worth the brain-drain of trying to survive the stores! For those who have never done a Twisted before, there are no hints on the website, just a numerical list of vendors/SLurls. Join the Twisted group in-world for hints, chat, commiseration as you work your way through the hunt. Grab your favorite hunt buddy, your favorite adult beverage, and make arrangements for a search party to come rescue you if you aren't back by the end of the month! (P.S. I have it on good authority that the endgame this year made some of the most twisted of the elite Twisted curl up in a corner and cry!)

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


March 1 - March 31



Search for item: red and black lament cube
MENstuff Hunt

Number of stores:
218 (50-100 below)

Problems at the time I went through:
67. Weather or Not? had no gift in the cube

55. [Electric]
72. Nightshade Designs
61. Kastle Rock Couture

64. Dark Water Designs
81. Sangre Noir (both sets have pant leg or raven leg options)

66. ImmateriA
52. Karma Skins

89. !WhAtEvEr!
56. Sweeter than Candy

59. DivaLicious
99. Alexohol
95. Kaotic Kreations (shirt and panties)
68. *The Secret Shelf*

86. Breathtaking & Divine
79. Gothic Passionate Dreams
97. Brat! Mainstore

83. }Edge of Sanity{ (skin)
69. Adore&Abhor (makeups)

93. .:CoLLisions:. (tattoo)
95. Kaotik Kreations (tattoo)
77. + ezura +
86. Breathtaking & Divine
54. Goth1c0

93. .:CoLLisions:.
63. XOPH
80. .:Troubled Rebel:.
84. Delaney's Delirium
58. Mia's Gems (prim ears included)

70. DragonFyre Designs
65. .:*LouLou&Co*:.
100. .::DaBuVa::.
85. Dead Bunny

75. Razorblade Jacket (shirt, wounds, airplanes)
84. Delaney's Delirium
66. ImmateriA

82. ODB aka Ol' Dirty Bastard (shirt, sunglasses, teeth, noose balloons)
71. Eternal Dream Poses
53. Del May Mainstore

***Thank You to Balisong, for agreeing to lend me his body for the poses!!***

90. Kabuki
87. .:Stone Misery:.
51. Girl Not Included

68. *The Secret Shelf* (stack of open books are some of the pity prizes)
76. :!: Sommerfeld Designs:!:
62. A and S Visions

50. Snow Bound
91. Fluffernutterz
94. Pop Tart & Urban Assault (mini hunt in store for wearable matching wings/collar)

98. Freakish Designs
57. Jabberwocky (coffin sculpts/textures)
63. XOPH (exploding sheep)

60. Prime Furniture (mini hunt in store for gothic cemetary pieces also)
78. Damned Good Design
73. ~Tay's Trinkets~

92. A Netherworld
74. Painfully Divine

96. AAA Creator Resource Poses


  1. I picked up #67 (Weather or Not?) a couple of days back... the gift was in there, I've unpacked it.

  2. i'm sure several of the ones that were not there when i went through will be there by now or in the next day or so. =) thats a normal hazard of starting in the middle of a big hunt when the hunt kicks off. once i get through the whole thing, time allowing, i will be going back for the ones which are not there when i visit the store.

  3. The best hunt in SL. Gifts are amazing, designer really twisted and group helpers great. Big big ty to all pple who made this hunt.