Hi there and welcome to Freebie Hunters! One of our favorite pastimes in Second Life is scouting the grid for fantastic hunts, sales, events and gifts from all the wonderful creators. We thought we'd share the wealth and showcase some of our finds in this blog, with an emphasis on the goodies available in the many SL hunts and events occurring every month. We do our best to show ALL items from a hunt/event and in the manner the creator intended, but this is not always possible.

An important reminder - All deals posted are subject to the whims of the item creators, and are often offered for a limited time (from hours to months). We do not guarantee the items are still available, and the creators are under no obligation to give anything.

Thank You to all of the creators!

Friday, October 15


Just a little note to let our readers know we are taking the weekend off from posting any new hunts. Shadowed is in the middle of moving, Tessira has RL commitments this weekend, and Thanos has a weekend of grrr-manly things planned that don't involve chasing us around SL. =)

In the meantime, we thought we'd post a little blurb Thanos wrote about what its like being the male portion of our team, new to both SL and hunting when we dragged him into this whole blog thing. We will be back on the 19th, hope to see you all then!

~Tessira, Shadowed, and Thanos

Thanos Darkfury


My name is Thanos Darkfury and I am a hunter. I have never shot at an animal, I don’t want to sleep in the woods, get up at dawn or dress in camouflage, my particular brand of hunting is looking for gifts that are sprinkled throughout Second Life. Many hunts have stuff for men, or unisex items, but I even do hunts that I know are going to be items that I am going to throw away. Maybe the thrill of the find stems from some childhood easter egg triumph, or some three dimensional where’s Waldo fascination. I don't know, the fact is I’m hooked.

I get to fuel my hunting fascination in the company of two very lovely women, and we have a blast doing it. The jokes fly all night long, or at least until I start to snore. It’s not just the hunting either. The teamwork, the group striving towards a goal of excellence and journalistic integrity, and the feeling of community are all part of the experience.

The unpacking and modeling for the blog is a big part of it too, and just as fun in its own right. Once I started getting in the pictures, the laughter gained a new dimension. Wearing silly clothes, flying cat planes, and the occasional WTF is that thing supposed to do/be all are a part of the recipe for hilarity. I learned early on not to get too vocal about it when I accidentally put on a dress or girlish hairdo, lest the eyes of the duo of huntresses shift from adjusting their own outfits to comment on what I am doing. Worst of all Shadowed is lightning quick with the camera, and has caught me in quite a few less than flattering situations.

Tess and Shadowed can both find a golf ball in a blizzard, but I manage to pull a rabbit out of my hat on occasion too. We work as a team, but there is always a little bit of competition to it as well. I’m just saying when I find the right store, and avoid the OOOOOH shiny moments I do all right. In the end though, throughout the hunt we all pat each other on the back and say good job on the hard finds, and slap ourselves on the foreheads going “how could I have missed that” or “how could they have done that” when a store gets sneaky.

The point is the thrill of the hunt is the draw, so I beat my SL chest in testosterone fueled neanderthalesque glee and shout “I am hunter, hear me ROAR”. I can hear the giggles from my partners in crime now. It’s hard to pull off a line like that wearing my traditional hunting outfit

(editors note - Be careful when taunting a male to wear something 'silly' like a bright pink thong. He might just do it and somehow look dang good doing so!)


  1. That picture is amazing. xD
    I'm so glad to hear you enjoy hunting too, Thanos. I always feel guilty reaping the rewards of your guys' hunting for me, imagining all the long hours and hard work... and then knowing a poor guy somewhere is getting dragged along too...
    Well my guilt has officially evaporated! And you have been voted for, good sir. Hope you win the MHOH contest!

    Please continue to have a blast hunting and posting guys, and enjoy your weekend off! <3

  2. Hi Thanos! You just said the very same things that I have said time and time again while hunting on one hunt or another on second life! (and I do have probably more than my fair share of "ooooh SHINY" moments! (just ask my hunt buddy, Venom)


  3. Aaawwweeeeeeeeeeeeeee. The pink thong is the awesome! I know that I have a lot of fun when Shadowed msgs me saying "I need your body, are you available?" and that is just for being there to snap a pic or two. You guys are amazing.

  4. awwww, lol I always hunt for the boy stuff even if I know I am just gonna throw it away later, its always fun trying out the weird stuff you know u will never really use and I have even saved a few of the nicer boy stuff just in case i ever feel like running around in drag, besides part of the fun is finding all the hunt stuff even if u know its just a boy prize anyway. lately i find myself focusing on one hunt but grabbing all the hunt prizes around in each store i go too so I am getting quite the collection of things i would never use. although i guess us girls have it lucky that we can get away with wearing a lot of the boy stuff and it actually looks goos on us.

  5. Yep i enjoy the whole process front to back. Thanks for the vote M, i think that contest is winding down, but last i looked i had a pretty good shot at a top ten spot. I have met some really nice people doing the MHO4 contest, and I want to wish all of my fellow contestants the best of luck.

    As far as the pink thong goes, as well as the rest of the outfit, it's amazing to me how even wearing a pink thong and a furry purple coat, Shadow has made me not only look masculine, but looking like a bad ass. That is quite the testament to her photography skills, or maybe it's just impossible to not capture the hunting beast that i am.