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Tuesday, October 19

WOTY - Samhain Grid Hunt

WOTY Samhain
We're back! Starting up again with a quick little hunt with a lot of great decorations and other gifts. We had no problems finding the stores, but finding pumpkins amongst all the pumpkin decorations was a bit of a challenge!

~Tessira, Shadowed, and Thanos

October 11 - November 1
Search for item: sculpt pumpkin & sculpt broom
WOTY Samhain
Number of stores: 42

WOTY Samhain
40 - *Connaught Empire*
23 - Leri Miles Designs (jeans not included)
15 - T&P Associates, Carrasco's & Pennywise

WOTY Samhain
37 - *TMM* - The Muse Matrix Sanctuary & Curiosity

WOTY Samhain
10 - La Belle Dame Sans Merci (complete avatar)
17 - Leonine & Co. (complete avatar and HUD)
30 - Sweeter Than Candy
13 - Vicarious Vitae

WOTY Samhain
6 - *** Paddy's *** (complete SL flashback costume. Yes, the hair and shoes are in your butt. Just like they used to be in SL!)
31 - !! Never Ever!

WOTY Samhain
14 - Eye Candi
34 - ~VaMpArT~ (hair not included)
19 - Nevermore & La Boheme

WOTY Samhain
2 - Avatar Bizarre (hair not included)
1 - Secrets of Gaia (hair pins, hair not included)
8 - Bambi's (hair not included)

WOTY Samhain
21 - Cortes'n'Rossini
38 - Pinastri/jeaniesing's Things
37 - *TMM* - The Muse Matrix Sanctuary & Curiosity
23 - Leri Miles Designs

WOTY Samhain
29 - *NLimbo Poses
4 - *"Wonderland"*
10 - La Belle Dame Sans Merci

WOTY Samhain
41 - T R I D E N T
28 - K & Z ART GIFT
37 - *TMM* - The Muse Matrix Sanctuary & Curiosity

WOTY Samhain
36 - sonToria
3 - Hearth & Home
20 - !!!SR Leatherwerkx
7 - Asters Builts

WOTY Samhain
25 - Sek's Eclectic Kreations
18 - Painfully Divine
12 - Bound & Bitten
42 - Magick Happens

WOTY Samhain
8 - Bambi's
13 - Vicarious Vitae (gives scripted candies)
11 - Roawenwood

WOTY Samhain
32 - Moon's Howling Creations

1 comment:

  1. Classically awesome Autumn/Halloween hunt! I nabbed a lot of really nice decor stuff from this one.
    And then there's that flashback costume. xD
    That's just epic. I like to run around as Ruth sometimes, but that's ten times better. Everyone needs that.