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Friday, October 1

Nature's Hunt Autumn Miracles Hunt

Miracles of Autumn
This looks to be a VERY busy and spooky month of hunts! We started this hunt last month and are posting this as a starter to the flood of goodies. Like their previous hunts, the Autumn Miracles hunt is very well organized and we ran into no problems at all with gathering the little snails. There aren't a lot of clothes in this particular hunt, but a bunch of decoration items that are perfect for anyone to use. Time to rake up the leaves and get decorating!

~Tessira, Shadowed, and Thanos

September 15 - October 15
Search for item: sculpt snail
Miracles of Autumn
Number of stores: 101 (showing 1-50)

Miracles of Autumn
42 - Earthly Delights (f- jacket only)
11 - Saris and Pasfute II (f- hair not included, m- shirt only)

Miracles of Autumn
39 - Miss Darcy!
8 - Jazmyn D
30 - Romance in Prims

Miracles of Autumn
14 - B&D Breathtaking & Divine
37 - Chivalry Mainstore (jacket only)

Miracles of Autumn
21 - DragonLady's Closet (m-tops only)
32 - Calamity Hathaway Creations (top only)

Miracles of Autumn
35 - The Pumpkin Head
18 - Kastle Rock Couture (m- top only)

Miracles of Autumn
20 - Deviant Designs
36 - Clocktower Design
47 - Aniri's Boutique

Miracles of Autumn
45 - Southpaw (spellfire healing wand)
10 - A.R.C. & F.N. (emits smoke)
33 - Kabuki Creations

Miracles of Autumn
49 - Avalon's Home Design
16 - Dolome Designs
13 - Zoe's Garden

Miracles of Autumn
4 - Serenity's Elements
6 - Khargo
26 - Flowers Candles Romance
50 - Odds & Ends

Miracles of Autumn
1 - The Sacred Flame Flower Boutique
5 - Belle's Happy Birthday
7 - Healing Rayne

Miracles of Autumn
22 - Dahllywood
2 - Casa de Zen
17 - EarthVisions Photo Gallery

Miracles of Autumn
34 - Hearth & Home (leaf emitters)
12 - Seasonal Creations
28 - Bound & Bitten

Miracles of Autumn
43 - Ethereal Nature Collaborative
27 - Petals on the Wind
48 - Trident (leaf emitters)

Miracles of Autumn
3 - Mae Fairy Tale
23 - Primsavers (chair is 'fake' gift, 253 prims!)
19 - Billy's Paradise

Miracles of Autumn
4 - Serenity's Elements
9 - Dreams in Digital Art
24 - Two Shores Gallery
29 - Lantian

Miracles of Autumn
44 - K&Z Art
31 - ADA T&A Sculpt Maps & Fine Textures
46 - Foreas Alia Das, Outerworld

Miracles of Autumn
25 - Catteaze
15 - QQ Creations

Miracles of Autumn
40 - Grape Fish WInery
41 - JJ Design


  1. Yay more fall stuff! Thank you guys for fighting lag and horde to bring us these goodies. I can't wait for the rest and to start my mini miracles of autumn hunt! Well, I can wait for the fighting lag and horde part... but those gorgeous pumpkins at ethereal nature collaborative? Nope, I need those asap.

  2. I wish there was a LM to each store! sometimes it takes longer to find the store than does the hunt object...

  3. Dear god I agree! This is the umpteenth time I've run into a hunt where I spent more time hunting the damn store than the hunt item.
    THANK YOU to hunt organizers who are thorough and include lists of vendors with slurls.

    But to those who don't, here's why you should:

    - Snags and skips. Which hunt doesn't have a broken store or two or an impossible to find gift, where the hunter needs to skip, and thus needs a list of vendors with updated slurls to do so? Very few hunters would continue in this situation, and would only hit the hunt items at stores they were going to anyway.
    - Better advertising for the participating vendors. Some people don't have the time to do the whole hunt, and will choose between skipping it or just picking some out. If there's a list, they can at least choose the vendors they know they like and do part of the hunt. And doing part of the hunt is better than doing none!

    In both cases, hunt traffic will be increased by including a list of vendors with updated slurls! Higher traffic means a successful hunt organizer, happy vendors, and happy hunters.