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Thursday, December 9

Slave Council Xmas Hunt

Slave Council Xmas
The holiday spirit is catchy! Here the Goreans are romping around in search of candy canes. This is a very quick little hunt being organized by a new group of people. The website is chock-full of information to help you get around the hunt chain. We ran into some SL rezzing issues in the stores, so make sure you give them plenty of time to rezz. Good luck!

~Tessira & Shadowed

December 1 - December 30
Search for item: sculpted candy cane
Slave Councel Xmas
Number of stores:
5 - Primus - item not found, no sign
7 - Shack - 3 items in store, we found 2
9 - Mays Soul - item not found
13 - Luna Moon Design - item not for sale

(If you have found these items, Congrats! We have moved on to other hunts)

Slave Council Xmas
8 - PTBB (F- top not included)
3 - Angel Silks
10 - Voltai

Slave Council Xmas
6 - MTC Designs
19 - PA Design

Slave Council Xmas
7 - Shack
4 - SB Silks

Slave Council Xmas
15 - Una & Luna
18 - Candlelight evening furniture (fatpack of silks)
11 - ~Sa-eela~
17 - Alterego
12 - Tarn Island
16 - NZ Creations

Slave Council Xmas
14 - Deadly Desire
1 - The Sins of Passion
18 - Candlelight evening furniture


  1. Yay! I just saw this hunt and was thinking I'd have to go and do the whole thing, but on the off chance checked here first and VOILA! You guys deliver again!
    And once again I marvel at how perfectly you picture the hunt items!
    I love you. <3

  2. Some problems at the first location.

    This hunt is slated to run through Dec. 30 or 31st... but there are no signs at the rez point tonight, and the start location is in a LOCKED building that visitors are unable to teleport to (forced tp routing to a platform at 1001m). It is also in the middle of a Gor RP sim with a big sign on the door reading "Males Only" and again... no hunt signs to be seen. Either the organizers gave up early, or this is the worst-organized hunt, ever.

  3. hi there aimless - your best bet if you are having a problem with a hunt is to reference their blog page and see if they have any information posted about moved locations. You can also try their in-world group or contact the coordinators directly. that information should be available to you through their webpage or the notecard with hunt information available from the hunt signs. cheers, and happy hunting! =)