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Friday, February 4

MENstuff Hunt - Part 3

MENstuff Hunt
Here is the last batch of photos from the fantastic MENstuff hunt! We are showing stores 1 through 50 in this set. Please remember to check the official website for the hunt for information about the latest updates to clues and LMs and other information you hunters might find helpful. This is also the last batch of blog pics that Tess was able to participate in, so again - she will be missed and hopefully she will manage to make it back to the blog at some point.

~Tessira and Shadowed

January 29 - February 28
Search for item: black sculpted T-shirt
MENstuff Hunt
Number of stores:
151 (1-50 below)
Ivy Maverick, Rob Moonites, Gabe Bookmite, Garrett Ceriano

MENstuff Hunt
19. SB Menswear (tops only)
12. Wilson's Designs
33. Lazybum

MENstuff Hunt
18. JfL Men's wear (pants not included)
39. WoE
22. Tres Beau Designs
15. Leather Bound (jeans not included)

MENstuff Hunt
38. MIAMAI (pants not included)
28. {MV} (pants not included)
23. Alphavillain (pants not included)
40. B is for...?

MENstuff Hunt
47. KAZ store (pants not included)
2. Alphamale
29. PXL creations (pants not included)
32. Kobalt
27. Pig (pants not included)

MENstuff Hunt
42. Zaara (pants not included)
31. Connors (pants not included)
34. KOSH
37. PEER
44. A:S:S

MENstuff Hunt
3. Animations Rising
46. 22769
41. Coma (pants not included)
48. Graffitiwear Mainstore

MENstuff Hunt
43. Dark Water Designs
50. Valiant
9. subVersion

MENstuff Hunt
14. Egoisme (skin, shape, eyes)
16. NOVUS Studios (shape, jock)

MENstuff Hunt
45. ESSENCES (skin, shape)
5. Maverick Designs (shape)

MENstuff Hunt
1. MADesigns
21. Sacred Skinline by Valiant (tintable facial hair tattoo)
49. iPoke Piercings
4. Culture Fine Jewelry

MENstuff Hunt
6. Vitamen
30. DECO
25. Duh!
7. Fir & MNA
24. Cheerno

MENstuff Hunt
35. sur+
36. !BANG
13. Pics n Poses
11. Adjunct

MENstuff Hunt
26. BeScene
8. Eternal Dream Poses

MENstuff Hunt
20. .::POISE::.


  1. Ohnooooooooooo. :(
    I'm sad Tessira is leaving, and I'm sooo sorry for poor Shadowed!
    And I read somewhere the blog was closing?! I can't find where though, so I'm hoping it was a dirty lie.

    In other news! Your hunt posts have been amazing, and amazing time savers! I didn't think I'd be interested in the guy's stuff, but some of it looks... awesome. Too lazy to make a male alt, but I'm sortof feeling I should right about now.
    Thank you so much for your guys' hard work. (:

  2. not poor shadowed, Lore...~hugs~...this wasnt an easy decision for Tess, and there are a lot of factors at play here. came down to Tess needing to do what she thought was best for herself, and as i said before, she has my complete support in her decision. i know it wasnt easy, and it hurt her to have to make.